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Don't Bring Your Daughter To Work Day
Toby: "I can't wait for this to all go horribly wrong."


Pam: "Emily, I just got off the phone with some quack who wants to give you a series of injections."
Emily: "There's no way A can fuck that up and make them inject me with radioactivity or spider venom or radioactive spider venom."
Pam: "Then you will be able to lift a car, instead of having your life ruined by them."
Emily: "Well, how am I going to pay for these terrifying treatments?"
Pam: "I am going to sell my hair and teeth to pay for them. Do not feel at all guilty."
Emily: "No problem, since I'm clearly going to sabotage any plan having to do with my future in order to solve strange ghost mysteries. Oh look, there's Hanna calling me now to do just that."
Pam: "I'm sorry your friend's mom is always killing people, but I really want you to make this appointment a priority. Surely Hanna spending time with her father is a good idea."
Emily: "You clearly haven't met her father. The important thing is that you apparently didn't save any money for college because I was 90 percent swimming, but now I'm just the leftover 10 percent. So even by not feeling guilty, I still feel guilty."
Pam: "It's how you were raised."


The Montgomery children make snide comments about Connor's busted-ass automobile, because he is a dick and because they have very little to bond about these days. Aria seems to believe that Mike did not destroy the kid's car, even though everybody including Mike just stares at her incredulously when she indicates this.

Aria: "On the one hand, that is a sad thing to happen to your ride. On the other hand, I would have been happy to help destroy it. I sure would be grateful to the person who did this, if I only knew who it was."
Mike: "Well, whoever it was they know he's a wuss. He always gets worked by offense in lacrosse, he hasn't fouled out of a game this season. Things get aggressive, he backs down."
Aria: "That sounds like something a car beater-upper would say. Where were you when this was going on?"
Mike: "Not at that open mic, I'll tell you that much. And nothing further, in case it sets your mind at ease."
Aria: "Are you saying by not saying it that you did this?"
Mike: "If I did it, I would have used a lacrosse stick. That doesn't do damage like this."

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Pretty Little Liars




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