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Don't Bring Your Daughter To Work Day
Aria: "Ah yes, because of the poetic irony. Because I am Aria Montgomery, I actually buy that explanation."


Hanna: "So Isabelle and Kate are apparently fine with Dad living in our house while this is all going on. They're real nice when they need to be. Hey, what kind of clothes do you want for court?"
Ashley: "I'll trust it to your impeccable judgment. But one request, could you bring me the wristwatch of Grandma Marin? I need to feel strong in a Betty Buckley way."
Hanna: "Would that we all could. But no, because that's jewelry and you're allowed no jewelry."
Ashley: "The saddest thing in this whole episode is how intensely that saddens me, because my life is already so small and crushed-down and horrible that I've been thinking about that watch for like 24 hours."
Hanna: "That's so sad I have lost my mind again."

Hanna: "So I guess I should get tickets for us, for that silent auction at school..."
Ashley: "Oh, the one to renovate the school library? That sounds good. And funny, because it's a silent auction. But um, did you know I'm in jail? For murder?"
Hanna: "Yeah, so anyway what should we wear to it?"
Ashley: "Your denial is a knife in my eye, sweetie, and you need to rethink your approach here. You sound crazy in a Marissa Cooper way."

Hanna: "That's cool, whatever. We could get a spa package, or a ski trip..."
Ashley: "Honey, you're scaring me."
Hanna: "I know, I'm sorry. I'm too scared to think straight. Just promise you'll be my date to this silent auction."
Ashley: "[Tries to get her head around this new kind of Hanna madness.]"
Hanna: "I take your silence as a stylish way of agreeing with me."


Caleb: "You're sure Spencer remembered part of the tail number of that plane Redcoat was flying?"
Toby: "She can quote entire passages of Dostoyevsky, in two languages. Using Spencer's mental health to lure the Liars to a Lodge and set them on fire is totally an A move, and Mona says Redcoat is probably A+."
Caleb: "Neither of us know about the B-Team or the Smash Party so we're still on the same page as Mona about this part."
Toby: "Spencer and Hanna think Alison's still alive. Maybe that's who knocked me out and put this Zippo in my hand with the engraved N.W."

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Pretty Little Liars




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