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Don't Bring Your Daughter To Work Day
Caleb: "One still wonders how Redcoat would be able to land a plane at Thornhill wearing a mask of her own face, and still be at Torch Lake to frame Ashley for that murder..."

Toby: "God forbid we follow any of these thoughts to completion. Were you sneaking peeks at my file about my crazy dead mom?"
Caleb: "Silly me, I saw words like Radley and evil blonde girl and just assumed it had something do with the storyline we're downloading about."

Before Toby can fetch sandwiches from the Brew -- they're growing boys, they need constant fuel for their fulltime jobs -- Caleb's plane-locating software locates the plane. No route info, but the address of record is at Howell Acres Flight Center, so they head out. To find out what the deal is, with the plane that a teenaged Redcoat flew, to several places at once, while wearing a mask of her own face.


Hanna: "Shana's been out of pocket since she dressed up like Halloween and played the violin at that awful open mic. But I know she's around here somewhere! You don't just vanish into other dimensions unless you're driving Jenna's magic blind-people automobile."
Emily: "Hang on, I have to menace some motherfuckers that are staring at you like your mom being a cop-killer is somehow interesting or novel."
Ezra: "Emily, stop menacing those gawkers and get to class. I'll take Hanna off your hands."

Hanna: "So. Having our first conversation of all time, are we?"
Ezra: "If you don't feel like writing your essay for Ella's English class that I guess is mine now, that's cool."
Hanna: "Thanks, Ezra. You're pretty decent, as we used to always say about Toby in every episode leading up to the revelation that he was A. You know, my situation reminds me of DeBarge."
Ezra: "Madame Defarge? The tricoteuse from Tale Of Two Cities? That's actually an incredibly astute comparison."
Hanna: "No, like the song from Short Circuit."
Ezra: "Hanna, I wasn't even alive when that movie came out."
Hanna: "I feel like a robot has come alive and I'm the only one who knows about it. And when anybody asks what is going on with my problems, it's always A, and I have to act like I don't know who A is. Just like in the song."

That one Vice-Principal that is always up Aria's ass appears, and jumps right on up her ass.

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