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Don't Bring Your Daughter To Work Day

VP: "Miss Montgomery, you are very in trouble because of nothing to do with you! Somebody who is either A or the police called to say your brother beat up a car!"
Aria: "That wasn't him -- he stayed home to Skype with my mom in Austria -- and why am I in trouble here?"
VP: "Is he still on his meds? To keep from going Uncle Bananafish?"
Aria: "That's none of my biznatch, nor yours, but I can tell you without violating HIPAA that the side effects of those drugs don't involve bouts of vigilantism, nor is it intended to treat symptoms of vigilantism. Not even off-label is that use recommended."
VP: "Fine. But somehow I am going to fuck you on this, Aria Montgomery. You wait and see."


Pam: "Emily, what are you doing here? Every time you come to the police station, something incredibly fucked up happens. Maybe you shouldn't come here anymore."
Emily: "Hey, is Lieutenant Tanner in today?"
Pam: "Briefly this morning, why?"
Emily: "First of all because she is irresistibly magnetic, but mostly because I was wondering if she'd had a chance to show you that video of a witch wearing my face."
Pam: "Nope. Anyway, here's your paperwork for your supersoldier serum."
Emily: "Cool, I don't care. Did Ashley still kill Darren Wilden?"
Pam: "Far as I know. Focus on your shoulder, please."
Emily: "Okay, I'm just going to steal Wilden's apartment key off your desk before I go."
Pam: "The only thing worse than you doing that, and getting me fired, would be for a car to drive into our living room."


Byron: "Is it true about your brother?"
Aria: "Probably not, he just got here."
Byron: "I heard he gnashed his teeth and bit the recess lady's breast."
Aria: "Merely propaganda. Although I can see why people would think that. This loser laxbro of his told everybody a lie about me. And him."
Byron: "It's obvious what you're talking about, but since I'm Byron Montgomery I'm going to try and force you to say it out loud to me, your father who is already uncomfortably involved in your sex life. Not to mention vice versa."
Aria: "No thanks. We both know what I'm talking about."
Byron: "Why not ask me for help? With this thing that is so searingly awkward it hurts to just be in the room with this conversation?"

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Pretty Little Liars




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