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Don't Bring Your Daughter To Work Day

If Alison hadn't gotten Hanna into shoplifting, Wilden never would have been in a position to force himself on Ashley. If Ashley hadn't been in that position, she never would have robbed a bank. If A hadn't stolen the lasagna money, Ashley wouldn't be blackmailed by Wilden to this day and wouldn't have run him over, giving first the B-Team and then A+ the opportunity to frame her for murder. If A hadn't put the gun in Ashley's closet, Hanna wouldn't have flipped out and tried to hide it, leading to her mom's arrest. It's interesting to think about, because it's all drawing on so much history but never just simply their decisions: Always A herding them one way or the other, turning good calls into bad ones or nullifying them altogether, or taking bad moments and making them good so you can fall farther later.


Because this entire investigation is well above their paygrade, neither member of the D-Team recognizes Nigel Wright, the wicked hot young fella running the front desk, as the guy who escorted Jenna to Wilden's funeral (and believes himself to be dating her, just like everybody else she's dating).

Caleb: "As you may know, my buddy here is Pennsylvania's foremost teen contractor. We need help tracking down a deadbeat client who's skipped town."
Nigel: "Anybody can look up a flightplan online, don't you have the tail number?"
Caleb: "It's blocked, which as you know sometimes happens with celebrities or politicians or ghostly teenage air pilots wearing masks of their own faces."
Nigel: "I'm sorry to tell you that this plane flew away the night of the Lodge fire, but landed in Delaware and nowhere near Thornhill. No passengers, pilot's named John Smith."
Caleb: "I'm so sure. And I'm Pocahontas."
Nigel: "The resemblance is uncanny. Anyway, sorry. There was a lot of fog that night, though, so maybe they just couldn't land at Thornhill's crappy landing strip."

Oh well. They take off, somehow able to stop looking at this dude, and he immediately calls Jenna: Phase One is complete.


Spencer: "Maybe I shouldn't have pushed Hanna off her mental ledge like that."
Aria: "I mean, the truth is going to fuck you either way. I'm more concerned about how it's spreading out this season. Ashley's in jail, Emily's parents are in the System suddenly, my mom was chased to Austria by bees, and now Mikey is the Batman?"

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