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"Car Rental? Ashley, You Could Rent A Yurt!"
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Mona is still at the Radley facility, acting hyperadrenalized and possibly providing Lucas with roofies. Spencer and Jason found an old anklet of Alison's which ended up getting Garrett out of jail, much to Spencer's chagrin. Emily's convinced her night of many abductions holds the key to Alison's disturbed grave, but Maya's Cousin Nate's interest in Jenna -- as well as Holden's possible involvement in Emily's various kidnappings -- could complicate matters. Hanna and Spencer tried to lure A to a church dance, but their note was intercepted by Officer Wilden, who managed to cockblock Ashley and Pastor Ted at the same time. And speaking of moms, it's about time for Ella Montgomery to hit the floor, wouldn't you say?


Hanna, putting on lip gloss: "Yes, Mom! I am able to stay home by myself without burning the place down or crashing several cars into it. I mean, we'll never know I'm capable of it until I pull it off, but I have a good feeling about this one."
Ashley: "Not inspired with confidence exactly, but fine. There's thousands of dollars in a box of lasagna if you want to order a pizza or something. I'll be home to identify your body at the morgue on Sunday. Love you!"

Hanna sighs and applies more lip gloss.

Wilden: "Ashley home? I can't talk to you without a guardian present."
Hanna, putting on some lip gloss: "I can't talk to you because you suck, so whatever. If you'll excuse me, I have to put on even more lip gloss before I can go to school. It's Lip Gloss Day."
Wilden: "You need to come in and give a blood sample. The DiLaurentises are going nuts because of Garrett, and the blood on the anklet is O- just like yours, and..."

Universal donor, of course. That's our Hanna.

Hanna puts down her lip gloss: "So wait, now I'm the one who killed her ankle bracelet?"
Wilden: "You're the one stashing notes on the original suspect's mom, who just..."
Hanna: "-- I didn't do that."
Wilden: "Hanna, plenty of people saw you do that. It's easily verifiable. It was not stealth, even to your low standards."
Hanna: "I know, I was just flustered. God."


Hanna: "So essentially Garrett's out of jail, and I'm going in. Wilden knows about the note, he caught me at the place that was on the note, and it's my blood type..."

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Pretty Little Liars




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