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"Car Rental? Ashley, You Could Rent A Yurt!"


Ella: "I'm back, and this time I'm looking for Emily. My daughter is ignoring my frantic dating-related calls and texts."
Zack: "She left, sorry. How was your date?"
Ella: "It was fine. He eats ice cream in this way... I can't explain it."
Zack: "Well, here are some muffins we will eat as I begin my slow seduction of you."

So many adorable giggles, I can't stand it. She is so cool, but also fairly open to it, but also like oh, you about it, and then also the giggles. Ella, my dear, you are the Higgs.

Ella: "I'm Ella Montgomery! I don't date child-baristas."
Zack: "Actually, I am the owner of this Brew."
Ella: "But you're such a bro!"
Zack: "And yet. I am the Brew Bro. And I will be your suitor."
Ella: "We'll see about that. And by that I mean, yes absolutely. But you should probably get another muffin, because these two are for Ella."


So this part was crazy! Cuckoo-bonkers. So great. Aria and Hanna duck orderlies and stuff, and of course everything is like Beetlejuice and weird lights from weird locations and the angles aren't right and the camera is up to things, and finally they get to her room and Mona's just chillin'. Just sittin' there, in the dark, as one does.

Mona: "Hanna? What Are You Doing Here? Is Everything Okay?"
Hanna: "No, bitch! They think I killed everybody! So tell me who else knows about that time we summoned Alison's ghost before DiLaurentis comes after me his own self."

Aria enters, to another serious growl from Mona.

Mona: "What Is She Doing Back Here?"
Aria: "Um, 'she' never left. And 'she' is about to knock your block off if you don't help Hanna. Why are you challenging me? Talk!"
Mona: "Can I?"

Burn! It doesn't seem like it, but the eyebrow and everything in her posture and face are like just the presence of Aria in the middle of her Hanna time is this grotesque offense against nature and etiquette, it's great.

Mona: "Does She Know About That Day?"
Hanna: "Shut up, lady. That's not why I'm here."
Mona: "Is He Really Still Mad At You?"
Hanna: "I feel really dumb about that and I don't want to talk about it in front of..."
Mona: "I Won't Say Anything If You Don't Want Me To!"

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