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"Car Rental? Ashley, You Could Rent A Yurt!"

Do they still think she's A? Who knows, but she's still a part of things for sure. They keep saying that over and over and it still seems to mean something we don't get yet. They come to a huge door that reads, CHILDREN'S WARD, DEDICATED 1931, which because they are just girls and don't know what video games are, have no idea that clearly whatever the worst thing is in this entire game is behind that door. Jesus.

Oh, and on the floor is a picked padlock, a huge cartoony one from the same era, with those tweezers sticking out of it.

Hanna: "So. Those are mine..."
Aria: "Hanna! You gave tweezers to a mental patient?"


Toby: "Whine whine whine?"
Spencer: "Why are you challenging me? Ugh, just take me to my car, okay? And move that ass."
Toby: "But..."
Spencer: "I said move that ass, Cavanaugh."

Too late!

Wilden: "Hey, everybody! Hey, unemancipated minor who lives in the attic of a coffee shop! Hey, Spencer Hastings! Why did I just find your car sitting around in the middle of the street near an accident?"
Spencer: "I don't know, Officer Wilden. Maybe it was trying and failing to solve a simple murder case and just got tired and lame?"
Toby: "It must have been stolen, because she's been with me all night."
Wilden: "Doing what? Ugh, who cares. I have like four other characters to menace, I gotta go."

Toby: "More whining!"
Spencer: "Look, shit moves fast around here. I rescued Jason from a hit-and-run because he was drunk. No big deal. And then you stood around here making your Toby faces forever, and now my car's been impounded, and..."
Toby: "Spencer, I spent most of the last two seasons getting harassed by the cops for no reason. And now you want me to... Do you realize I just told the cops a felony-level lie?"
Spencer: "Uh, good thing we're dating, huh?"


They finally find Mona in the Ward -- which, by the way there are giant cribs everywhere, which just the idea of giant cribs makes me want to run out into the yard -- and what she is doing is, she is humming a weird song and brushing a doll's hair.

Mona, singsong: "Miss Aria, You're A Killer, Not Ezra's Wife. Miss Aria You're A Killer, Not Ezra's Wife..."
Aria: "Bitch, quit."

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Pretty Little Liars




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