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"Car Rental? Ashley, You Could Rent A Yurt!"

Mona: "Where Were We? Maya's Away, Sleeping Sweet. Until Garrett's All Rosy, Count On Me. Where Were We? No One To Save Ali From Evil. No One To Save Ali From Evil."
Nurse Lisa: "Girl, we've been looking everywhere for you. The Spooky Library, the Boiler Room with Piles of Coal, even the Rooftop Widow's Walk. You've led us quite the merry chase."
Mona: "I Missed My Dolls. Where Were We? Maya's Away, Sleeping Sweet. Until Garrett's All Rosy, Count On Me. Where Were We?"

Hanna & Aria: "Holy shit."


Ella: "I was having a dating emergency! Where were you?"
Aria: "Um, having a permanent freakout at a mental institution based on some freaky behavior. How did your date go?"
Ella: "The first one was meh. He ate ice cream like your father."
Aria: "I guess I can see your problem... Wait, 'first' one?"
Ella: "Yeah, I'm on another date now, I guess? With Zach? A guy named Zach."
Aria: "So what was the problem with Ted?"
Ella: "Not a problem per se, he would have been the right choice when I was 19 -- I mean, not at the age he is now, but we were our same ages apart, whatever -- like he's smart and funny and boogie-boards and whatever. I am just exploring possibilities, I guess. And baked goods."
Aria: "Yeah, you're definitely wearing a scarf next time."
Ella: "Never again. Not even that Vera crap from Hopeless & Heartless Boutique across the street."
Aria: "Okay well. This is amazing, great stuff, Mom. I would love to hear about it tomorrow. Right now I have to shake out all the willies -- and that might take a while -- before I can sleep."
Ella, verbatim: "God! You used to be so much more fun!"
Aria: "And then I grew up. Go to bed, Mom."
Both of them: Totally loving it.

Aria flops down next to Hanna and they try to sleep and for some reason Hanna's got a doll in the bed with them -- like any of them would ever have a doll in their whole house at this point, much less in the bed with them -- and she just kind of tosses it on the floor so it can stare up at her, but the funniest in a long stretch of funny Aria lines happens first:

Hanna: "What's up with your mom?"
Aria: "She's a slut. Go to sleep."

You gotta get up pretty early to earn that as the funniest line of an episode, and this episode has done so. Man.

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Pretty Little Liars




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