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"Car Rental? Ashley, You Could Rent A Yurt!"

Ella: "I don't need your advice on that shit, honey. Trust."

Ella, verbatim: "Uh, you wear forks as earrings."
Aria: "No, I like the dress, actually. Sexy. Just don't wear a scarf with it."
Ella: "What makes you say that?"
Aria, verbatim: "Because I have known you 100 percent of my life?"
Ella: "Grrr."

They grin and Aria flounces off, and it's so nice to see them operational again. And to see Ella happy and adorable! I'm terrified by the Pastor Ted thing, but we'll just see. One thing I can't see this show doing is an Ashley and Ella catfight over the one available non-rapist in Rosewood. Or if they did, it would be amazing in some way that wouldn't tickle your feminism bone. And even if it went to an ugly place, well, I think we all know Ted is secretly a serial killer anyway.


Spencer is updating her virtual reality with the details of Alison's summers with this Cece Drake, whom -- the yearbook suggests -- is exactly what she claims to be. Whence this yearbook from Cece's school? Who knows. Don't ask those kinds of things about Spencer, she has a virtual reality that she updates. Especially not when she's dressed -- exceptionally -- like Sailor Moon in white wrestler boots.

Spencer: "Toby, what are you doing here? This is school, where people of our age gain knowledge and prepare for adult life."
Toby: "I came to harass you about sticking me in a church with Hanna for no reason."
Spencer: "Yeah, that was weird. I'm sorry. I was with Jason, helping him find that anklet..."
Toby: "So you just wanted me tied up for the night? And how proving Garrett innocent and yourself insane help anything?"

Spencer, verbatim: "Why are you challenging me."
Toby: "Um, because I was once the target of your all-consuming convictions? Being the Boo Radley of Rosewood has made me a bit more judicious about these things."
Spencer: "I can't talk about my serial existential crises right now, Cavanaugh. Now if you'll excuse me, this virtual reality isn't going to update itself."


I love the dialogue in this episode so, so much. This is a really good script, full stop.

Nate: "How's my favorite barista?"
Emily: "Well, they took me off cappuccino probation, so..."
Nate: "That's a thing?"

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Pretty Little Liars




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