Pretty Little Liars

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"Car Rental? Ashley, You Could Rent A Yurt!"

Jason: "Yeah, I feel really bad that our judicial system is based on laws."
Spencer: "Are your parents going fucking crazy for any reason having to do with me or my buds?"
Jason: "I don't know, man. Fuck those guys."
Spencer: "Yeah, for real. Oh, I met your ex this morning. Cece Drake? That bitch is insane. Why would you date a carbon copy of your sister? Also I think we are all in love with her."
Jason: "Oh man, that psycho's back in town? Great. I hope you're not solving fifty other mysteries this month, because she's a whole can of sexy worms right there. Anyways, peace."
Spencer: "But you didn't answer like one single..."
Jason: Has vanished.

Spencer: "My brother is the Batman."


Cece: "These are everywhere in LA right now. Rachel Zoe practically gives them out as business cards. They are called scabies!"
Shoppers: "No thanks. That bitch is the worst."

Cece: "Nate, why don't you go through the Vera Neumann junk over there, I'm sure it's in your price range."
Emily: "Is everything in your store hatefully hideous?"
Cece: "That's what it says on the sign, sweet cheeks. Now that we're alone, tell me why you hate this chick you're shopping for. Is he F-Zoning you?"
Emily: "No, I hate her for..."
Cece: "Because he's hot as hell. You've have to be blind, or a lesb..."
Emily: "Bingo."
Cece: "Oh, you're the one."
Emily: "Even knowing she gossiped to you about our relationship in a way that seriously minimizes me in a shitty way, I cannot stay mad at that monster."

Cece: "So if you're not into him, why do you care if he's with Jenna? She a bitch or something?"
Emily: "She's... Something. Of those two things, she is the latter."
Cece: "Well, whatever. You should dissuade him from dating her, if you don't think he should date her. You're apparently friends, so..."

Nate: "Emily, do you like this awful Vera scarf?"
Emily: "No, because it's not the '90s and because I don't hate myself. But good instincts, because I hear Jenna's really into color these days, and that scarf definitely has a lot of those."
Nate: "What about these earrings? They're just like the ones you gave Maya a week before her death, a thing I could not possibly know."

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Pretty Little Liars




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