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"Car Rental? Ashley, You Could Rent A Yurt!"

Aria, in about one day from now: "So the whole May/December thing. You're not going to be bitching at me anymore about that. We clear?"


Aria, currently, is signing in at Radley, which as you know comes with a bunch of people screaming off-camera and getting soothing words in their ears from unseen medical professionals.

Nurse Lisa: "I don't think Mona's allowed to have visitors, ever since she tried to kill that sweet little werewo... Wait, no. We're good. It says here her visiting privileges were changed by a hacker in the Montecito airport. I am gonna need to take your fluorescent green, plastic triangle earrings, though."
Aria: "My earrings? Why, what danger could they pose?"
Nurse Lisa: "To people? Or to fashion?"

As they're finishing up their transaction, there's another wild scream from somewhere, and the camera is employed in such a way that it's kind of 3-D as far as why Aria would be freaked out right now. Say what you will about the stigma part, but actually being in a mental hospital is pretty much exactly as emotionally draining as you think.

Nurse Lisa: "Mona honey? You have a visitor, she says her name's Nelly Bly?"
Mona: "Ah. My anti-fashion nemesis, back again."
Nurse Lisa: "I'm just going to sit over here, not caring what you talk about. Sorry if that's inconvenient for a million reasons."

Mona, smiling meanly: "So. Would you like to play a game?"

She shuffles cards, and Aria looks like she's about to pass out, and it's so, so good.


Hanna: "So is your mom gonna save my ass or what."
Spencer: "She's working on blocking that court order, just chill out. You know how we Hastings Women have this unearned reputation for excellence? It'll be fine. Did Aria get into Radley?"
Hanna: "Haven't heard. Oh hey, is that Mr. DiLaurentis? When did he get back into town?"
Spence: "Today. Jason told me. Man, the face on that guy. He always looks like he just found his daughter in bed with a Democrat."
Hanna: "Don't talk to him. As will become clear later, there are reasons he's all on my jock this week."
Spencer: "Maybe you could talk to him, though. What if Wilden's just trying to scare you?"
Hanna: "He's not, I'm just paralyzed for reasons, again, that you don't know yet. I guess I can just chill and wait for your mom to save me -- or at the very least, hope Ashley goes on a bender and extends her weekend."

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Pretty Little Liars




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