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Aria called a mysterious number, bequeathed the Liars by Miss Vivian Darkbloom, and got a mean girl, but later on her boyfriend called back and set up a meet. Holden was in a Fight Club and possibly dealing drugs, or both, or neither. The connections between the (Spencer) Hastings household and the (Alison) DiLaurentis household were fraught and dubious, and Spence finally found out why: She and Ali share a brother, Jason, which I'm betting is why they changed the guy who plays him, to look more like them both. Caleb was under suspicion of both A and the NAT Club -- and unbeknownst to the Liars, NAT charter members Jenna Thing and Officer Garrett stole the fifth page of Ali's autopsy in order to clear their own names.


Of course, the second Emily got back on the team they won whatever world championship they're fighting for this week, in the neverending Hunger Games that is the Pennsylvania Swimming League.

Who is happy to see this is: Everybody.
Who Emily's excited to share it with is: The Liars.
Who brought a glittery posterboard sign that looks like it was made by Ed Gein's brain-damaged cousin who is still in elementary school is: Maya.
Who passive-agressively allows herself to get pushed out of the celebration moment is: Again, Maya.
Who cares is: NOBODY!
Where the team party at: Casa Marin. Just stay out of the pasta cabinet and don't get run over.

Hanna & Caleb: "Our conversation is too mortifying to relate. The gist is that Caleb has a WiFi hotspot."
Liars, meanwhile: "It's going to be weird later today when we meet that guy from inside Vivian Darkbloom's coat."

Aria: "Spencer, don't get mad but my mom was kind of wondering why you live with us now, so she called your mom. I must admit I also wonder why that is."
Spencer: "It is a complicated but fairly central thing I would be smart to explain to you at this time. Therefore, I will act sketchy instead."

Garrett & El Hombre Popular: "Caleb, we have a court order to impound your laptop. Somebody, clearly A, put a bunch of school files on it while you were sleeping at Challenge Day."
Caleb: "It is important for me to know my rights because there is a dark day coming for Internet culture. Therefore, take my impenetrable laptop. But you'll never know my passwords, because they are within my wolfen mind."
Hanna: "This seems like a bad idea, just giving the NAT Club and the guy who still thinks we killed Alison your laptop that contains video of the NAT Club killing Alison."
Caleb: "Hacker arrogance uber alles."

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