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Eye Wide Shut
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Vivian Darkbloom's coat fooled Duncan Albert into approaching Aria, who was still freaking out about Ezra's job in New Orleans and her mother's ambivalence about her statutory. Hanna destroyed yet another phone, leaving her phoneless and with her werewolf all the way in Montecito. Maya vanished into thin air, leaving a bunch of hassle for everybody as usual. Toby got sick of being murdered all the time and left Spencer in Wren's capable, reed-thin arms. Ashley and Ella were on the case, boxes of wine at close hand.


Liars: "That cute guy didn't stick around too long after recognizing the coat. He's been in Florida for a year, and I guess we're going to hang later. They met in a Brookhaven bookstore, where Vivian was probably buying yet more copies of Lolita. The important thing is that when Ali put that wig on and became Vivian, everything was like in Predator vision, so we can bet he's part of the A Thing. I'm sure Aria won't fuck this up."

Spencer: "Speaking of Things, there's Jenna. And Toby, looking rather fine. Oh, and he hates me apparently."
Jenna: "I have one of my eyeballs back, bitches! The only way I could be scarier than with no eyes is with one eye."


Ashley: "I hope you girls enjoyed your coffee break, but there's no way I am buying Hanna yet another phone. Emily, if you guys get murdered you'll let Hanna use yours, right?"
Emily: "I mean, technically yeah, but that's not terribly safe."
Ashley: "Phone's a privilege, not a right. Now give me the info or else you'll live phoneless."
Hanna: "Then I guess I'll just get murdered!"
Ashley: "Fine!"
Hanna: "Fine!"


Amazingly, Mona sets Hanna up with a late-model phone, bills it to herself, and squirts antibacterial on all the girls' hands while she's yappin'. It's pretty great, but also terrifying to see them line up for her ministrations. If Mona were the Alison ringleader, this is how it would be: Consumer products and hand lotion and everybody staring at her like a rabid animal. The Shape Of Things To Come.

Spencer: "If we could harness Mona's entitlement, we could light the Eastern Seaboard."
Nobody: "Yes. She is clearly A and is going to kill all of us with her fifty million secret skills and lotions."

Maya Text: "Dear Emily, everything is fine. Please tell no one. I hope the filth doesn't give you too much heat."
Emily: "Ugh, just when you think you're out."

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