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Eye Wide Shut

Hanna & Mona: "So let's figure out a way to get Toby alone and away from Jenna, so that Spencer can get to the bottom of this. Or we make things worse. Either way, we're bored."


Toby: "Mona, this pickup truck is not your style."
Mona: "It's not for me, it's for my rockabilly cousin! I love how you're so poor you have a tape player..."
Toby: "I see by Hanna's sudden appearance that this is a setup."
Mona: "I gotta bounce."

Hanna: "So this whole thing where you're dating your sister-rapist and ignoring Spencer is really..."
Toby: "I am clearly playing both sides here, probably to protect Spencer. Or else I have been brainwashed. The important thing is that you blew a girl to hell, and Spencer's dating a doctor of unusual size. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go let my sister do weird stuff to my body."

Wait, so that was the whole plan? Just get him in a room and then explain his own storyline to him? Yeah, I can't imagine why that wouldn't work out.


Jason: "Maya said this was hidden in the attic, because of how Alison had a personality disorder where she hid things..."

Aria: "I have to go meet Duncan, I just dropped by to say that in person instead of on the phone. Hey, is that Jason and Emily messing with secret Alison stuff?"
Spencer: "Yeah, maybe you should take a look at it before you go get murdered outside Brookhaven. Since it clearly contains the next clue of this show."
Aria: "No, I simply don't have time for that. You can tell me about in person later, since I am apparently not using my phone in solidarity with Hanna's endangered ass."

Spencer: "Let's crack this bag of garbage open and see what it contains! Jason, you can stay for no reason."

Music box, "Fur Elise," a childhood objet... And suddenly Mrs. Hastings walks in, horrified to see her husband's bastard playing with garbage in her house. He leaves, she throws a shitfit, and Spencer just tells her to shut up.

Mrs. H: "I don't even want to go back to before we found out about Jason. In this family, we deny so hard that we can time-travel back to before he even existed."
Spencer: "This is why I'm crazy. This is why I'm crazy. This is why I'm crazy."


Aria: "Wait, so you came here with Vivalison? To this creepy warehouse district?"
Duncan: "It's an airplane hangar, actually. A haunted one. Turns out I used to fly her around in an airplane, having gotten my pilot's license when I was sixteen."
Aria: "That sounds absurdly and illegally precocious. Totally my style."
Duncan: "So you ready?"
Aria: "For what? For you to fly me around in an airplane?"
Duncan: "Yeah, I mean, that's the logical thing that would happen right now."

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