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Eye Of The Beholder

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Eye Wide Shut


Veronica: "Wrapping up that bag of garbage, huh? He better not fucking come over to get it back. And if you take it over there, leave it on the porch. Don't go in the house, don't talk to him, and come right back here."
Spencer: "Well, you sound crazy. Also, it's next door. Also, what the hell are you even talking about? We all have a piece of the truth, and nothing is going to get better until we all share our individual chunks of whatever is going on. Have your last five conversations with Ashley not made that abundantly clear? Because I'll tell you, Mom, she and Ella are just completely lapping you at this point. And you're supposed to be the smartest one."
Veronica: "Pam's coming back soon, and then I'll move right back to third place in terms of people who ever get what's going on."

Veronica: "Meantime, that boy is going to fuck everything up for everybody."
Spencer: "That 'boy' is my brother. Stop blaming them for everything. How about this, did you know that Alison was maybe blackmailing Dad?"
Veronica: "Wait, you talked to Dad about this? What, just for curiosity's sake, did he say?"
Spencer: "That he hired a PI because he thought Melissa killed Alison. See how it all loops around into crazytown?"
Veronica: "Well, how about this for a twist? The detective was my idea."
Spencer: "So now you're just disclosing... Wait, so we all think Melissa killed Alison?"
Veronica: "Have you ever met your sister? She is like the craziest thing I've ever seen!"


Spencer: "Jason wasn't even at his house when I dropped that shit off. And then you showed up here, in my yard, lurking, when I came home."
Hanna: "I just wanted to apologize for stirring up everything with Toby. And ask about that junk."
Spencer: "The junk was a dead end. (Obviously the junk will never be a dead end.)"
Hanna: "Times are tough! Look at this picture of Michelle Obama wearing the same blouse she wore in 2009!"
Spencer: "Hanna, if you could read you'd know this newspaper is from 2009. Although it's cool that your psychic clothing power is still in effect."
Hanna: "What are you saying? Explain it to me slowly, the importance of this newspaper I just pulled out from under my ass."
Spencer: "The assumption was the the St. Germains wrapped up all that junk in these papers, but if it was 2009 that means Ali wrapped it up before she died..."
Hanna: "Which means it's psycho clue time! Hey, randomly highlighted words in each newspaper page. Whattaya know?"
Spencer: "Go get that bag of trash from Jason's porch next door. Don't get raped and murdered either on your way there or on your way back."

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