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Eye Wide Shut


Montgomerys: "Wait, you've been communicating with Ezra Fitz too? What a bunch of mixed signals."
Ella: "This whole family is about mixed signals. And irony."
Byron: "Well, you're the one screwing things up. Stop giving him false hope."
Ella: "You stop giving them reasons to run away to New Orleans first! You have no idea how awesome Fitz is being right now! NONE!"


Hanna grabs the bag, then hears a sinister clanging and investigates. What's goin on inside is that the house is on fire, and Jenna's trapped inside. Jenna's face hangs at the backdoor glass for a moment, before she goes down again. And without thinking, Hanna runs inside. Spencer comes to help her. They get Jenna out of the house and into the yard, and the house blows up. Amazing.

Amazing! When I said they had to atone for Alison's victims one by one, I didn't mean literally, but that's gorgeous. They actually saved Jenna from getting blown up. That is so beautiful!

I do not think it will help her not hate them -- nor do I think they will stop being bitches to and about her -- but still. How pleasing.


Jenna wakes up without her sunglasses, and Toby instantly supplies them. She is none too happy to be back in the hospital, and Toby slowly gets her to remember what all happened: Jason texted her to come for a chat, she took a cab over to their house, somebody mysterious opened it up, and then she blanks out. She can smell the fire in her hair; she remembers everything about it except who saved her.

Jenna: "Was it Jason?"
Toby: "No. It was Hanna Marin who saved you."
Jenna: "Well, fuck!"

Ashley runs up as they're talking about Duncan, hugging Hanna while Emily stares weirdly; meanwhile, Spence is getting some wound care from good ol' Wren. They chat about crazy Melissa, and "the carpenter," and how weird is Jenna, and how weird is Spencer's life, and how bizarre is her family, and can they just start dating already, and Wren says the Fates are complicit in their love, and she just says it's bad luck that throws them together.

Wren: "I hate to do this, but I need to ask you a direct question. Please say no, but do you want to agree that certain things never happened between us?"
Spencer: "Um, have you seen yourself?"

He wells up, it's darling, Wren is foine.

Aria: "So you were on your way to Scranton when your house blew up? How bad is it?"
Jason: "Pretty bad. But not as bad as Veronica coming around that corner. Please distract her."

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