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Mona gave Hanna gave Ashley gave Wilden the police report from the time that Hanna was caught shoplifting and Ashley used her wiles to get her out of it. Vivian Darkbloom's old friend Jonah proved helpful, despite all his efforts to the contrary. Wild suspicion and paranoia once again landed firmly on the Hastings House after Jason's paternity exposed Melissa and/or Peter Hastings as criminals, murderers, or even A herself or himself. Ella tried to pacify Aria with some pipe dreams after she found out Byron was trying to buy him off. Melissa was in Ali's bedroom at that last fateful meeting of the NAT Club, and the next young lady of Rosewood to go missing is Miss Maya St. Germain, formerly of the same address and bedroom where Alison herself used to live...


Hanna: "So what did the cops say about Maya?"
Emily: "Not much. I just refused to help them in any way and they left. Kind of disappointed-like. I think maybe she ran away."
Hanna: "What makes you think that?"
Emily: "She told me she was going to run away. And they said they found a note that she was running away and a bag of her stuff was gone. The only weird thing is she hasn't answered any of my calls or texts over what seems like the last hundred episodes she's been missing."
Hanna: "Those are the kind of things you might have told the cops."
Emily: "I don't work for those pigs."
Hanna: "Then I hope she calls you, and hasn't been abducted or brutally murdered. Because you would then have been in a position to help and kind of didn't."
Emily: "Name one fucking person who would care if she died. Honestly, to themselves."
Hanna: "Point taken."


Melissa: "All I did was ditch you at a gastropub and run off with Garrett while lying about it. Why are you acting so weird?"
Melissa: "Okay, here's the deal. Garrett and I are friends now..."
Spencer: "And also from when you were in that video camera cult together in high school?"
Melissa: "...After my husband chased you through a church and then committed suicide -- a year after fucking and murdering your best friend -- I needed a chum, okay? Maybe I shouldn't have told him everything I know about you and your friends and how you're this incredibly insightful pathologist with the mind of a serial killer who is onto him and has evidence linking him and his ex-girlfriend and my dead husband to the murder..."
Spencer: "Yeah, maybe."

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Pretty Little Liars




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