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Who Run The World?


Emily & Dad: (Obligatory sweet, loving, nonjudgmental times. The softest dad is the one in the military; to be a soft dad requires a great deal of toughness.)


Aria: "Ms. Marin, I have something to tell you of grave importance."
Ashley: "Good Lord, it's the other one. Hang on, Momma needs a refill."
Aria: "Ms. Marin, it's come to my attention that you came across certain documents that you thought were not longer at issue. Certain... legal documents?"
Ashley: "Yes. What of it?"
Aria: "It was I, Ms. Marin. It was I that left them on your kitchen island, it was I that placed them in Mona's mailbox, and it was I that first falsified them in Photoshop. All I."
Ashley: "That doesn't even make sense, but go on."

Aria: "Hanna -- and it is no pleasure of mine to bear this news -- has once again succumbed to her kleptomania. She's a shoplifter, a cutpurse. A student of the Seven Bells..."
Ashley: "Aria. Wrap it up."
Aria: "I bethought myself to strike the fear of God once more into her heart. As you know, it is a delight of mine to minister to those poorer, in our little hamlet, whether they be lacking in money, or eyeballs like Jenna, or morals like your daughter. I cannot apologize for my concern, but only for the degree to which it seems to have complicated things in your household. For that, Ms. Marin, I do harbor a measure of regret."

Aria: "...For it is I! A is me, as I am A. A for Aria. A for Anonymous. A for..."
Ashley: "Got it! I got it, Aria. You can go."


Peter: "What else did you touch in here? Where are all the things?"
Spencer: "I told you, I just checked out the check ledger. I didn't toss the place like some kind of gumshoe. Why are you being so aggro about this?"
Peter: "Gun. There was a gun. In the locked drawer. Which is now unlocked."
Spencer: "That sounds like the kind of thing I should warn Hanna about."


Byron: "Hey Mike. You don't interest me in any way. Especially now that you're not suicidal like your uncle."
Mikey: "I am cool with that, because you are the worst."
Byron: "Where is your sister?"
Mikey: "Probably hiding from the claustrophobic obsession you've developed with her whereabouts and every waking thought."
Byron: "Yeah, that makes sense."
Mikey: "Maybe you should chill out and act like a human being for once."
Byron: "That doesn't really sound like something I would do."

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