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Who Run The World?

(Fitz's ears perk up, miles away.)

Byron: "You're my little girl, et cetera."

(Ella lurks, listens, focuses her will on Aria acting cool for like five seconds... there it is.)

Aria: "Whatever. You can take me to the dance, fine. We'll all probably be dead by morning anyway."


Calls, but old Emily is a lot slower now that the swim season's over and she's off the HGH, so she misses the call. She immediately calls back -- the digits of Maya's number now just a faint memory -- but of course it's still the full voice mailbox. As thrilling as this whole subplot is (and it could be if her ass is actually missing and this isn't one of those Rosewood Amnesia things) it's still preferable to actually dealing with her. You know who I miss? Paige is plenty exciting, but I don't really go for exciting.I miss Samara. Good old lesbian-networking, earring-selling, self-esteem raising, boring-ass old Samara.


Ashley makes one game try for the phone, before the dance, but Hanna's onto her and still pissed about Wilden, so when Ashley gets hardcore about it, Hanna tosses her phone in with the soapy wet dishes, and then drops the mic, impressively. For all the world like a snotty teenage daughter in a leather jacket, but we know and she knows -- Ashley might even know -- that it's a costume she's putting on while she's terrified about her mother's constant self-endangerment.

Hanna, verbatim: "I'm outta here."


Emily & Dad: (Long talk about Maya, Pam, he's shipping back to Afghanistan, whatever. I mean, they're great together, and I'm sure lots of kids watching have been through this and she's a very compelling actor, but I don't know that there's much to say. The scene exists because it's the scene that logically goes here, and it goes here because this is a Father/Daughter Dance and Emily's relationship with her dad is equally complex, but much kinder, than the other three can claim.)

"Everybody Wants To Rule The World" comes on DJ Mikey's schizoid playlist at this point, which I thought was interesting, given the setup of this episode, for this reason mainly: Everybody does. And half the shit that we pull on each other, half the stuff that men -- on this show or off -- is about making sure that they do. But that's because the real fear, and the truth, is the opposite. The only way men can prove they run things is to force women to let them run things. Which means that men don't run the world at all. Which is not the same as having power or a voice, but I do think it's important to remember in the same way what Noel said at the lock-in was important, that Men are not a monolithic terrifying entity out to victimize you -- you are not a victim -- because sexism is not a person.

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