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So what's on that flash drive the girls found in that improbable lunchbox? Videos of all four of them, videos of Jenna and Toby doing it brother-sister style, the whole thing. Whatever is creepy, that's what's on them. The girls all get weirded out by Video Jenna blackmailing Toby into making out with her, but I guess they didn't all officially know the hows and whys. It's super gross, and of course Spencer -- now that she's always been Toby's best friend in the entire universe -- shuts it down immediately, like, just as Jenna's getting his shirt off.

Aria: "Why do you think a person would want videos of young girls changing their clothes in the privacy of their own homes?"
Hanna: "Do you think someone was watching us and getting it off on it?"
Spencer: "Think about that too long and you'll go insane. Since I'm already insane, I have perspective on this. Let's focus on how this can be used to prove my pet theory that Ian killed Alison. We will need Jenna's help."
Hanna: "You mean Jenna the girl we blew up?"
Spencer: "Yeah, it won't be easy."

The last thing that went down with Ezra is that Suddenly Garrett -- the young policeman who is everywhere at once despite never existing until a minute ago -- stopped by his house and saw the stupid paper bags of love and whatnot. So Ezra sent Aria about sixteen terrified-yet-vague text messages and then drifted off to sleep without ever explaining himself, which is why -- when Ella balks at the idea of coming to Byron's faculty mixer at their house tonight -- Aria has no time at all for her mother's shit and just hisses, "Look, Dad cares too much to say this, but: You either love him or you don't. So you should probably figure it out, because it sucks for all of us."

Mother/daughterhood being what it is, we transition over to Hanna and Ashley, who have a sad but sweet little convo about how Caleb left town for reasons Ashley doesn't know and desperately wants to know but doesn't want to pry into, and Hanna just slumps around and feels gross and awkward about it, and in the interests of good momhood Ashley's like, "So, what was in the letter that Mona stole and ripped into a thousand pieces and burned into ashes and stomped on and peed on like a crazy gorilla instead of a little girl?" Hanna blips right over that one and back into her depression: Letter? What letter.

Ian and Melissa are all abuzz about setting up their unborn monster's christening at the church, which Spencer finds premature because of how it is a demon-baby and probably will be born with tentacles and horrors coming out of it, and for some reason Melissa is offended by this. "Humor's subjective," Spencer (literally) tries to explain, but Melissa just goes off in her usual huff. Even Mrs. Hastings is like, "Spencer, that was awful."

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