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You Will Like Cicero Or You Will Be Whipped
Mike: "Why are you so into getting rid of her? Is it so you can go back to fucking Ezra Fitz?"
Aria: "WHOA. First of all, rude. Second of all, that's not even the deal right now. Ella is cooler about Fitz than anybody on this show, including me."
Mike: "And yet with the information available to the rest of us not involved in your A-shenanigans, the obvious conclusion. You have no givable reasons for wanting her out, and I have a ton for wanting her to stay. So nothing you're saying makes any sense, which means I have to stick to my guns."
Aria: "...Defeated by beautiful Mikey and common sense, once again. Enjoy my tiny self shoving you a quarter-inch, dick!"


Ashley: "Visiting any campuses this weekend? Not that I want you out of the house or..."
Hanna: "No, I'm going to FIT, I don't need that business. Not that I want to stick around and keep an eye on..."
Ashley: "It's good to explore multiple options."
Hanna, awesome: "Look. I really don't like when the tour guides walk backwards. It makes me nauseous. Especially if they're wearing pleated pants."
(Ring ring.)
Ashley: "I'm just going to take this urgent call elsewhere, in a suspicious way."
Hanna: "Cool, I'm just going to listen in on a landline extension, in 2013."

Veronica: "I was just calling to tell you zero information except things are very, very bad. See you in the AM!"
Separate Marins: "Fucking hell."


Hanna: "Your dad's the worst. But would he step up for Ella if she were in trouble?"
Aria: "Hang on, I have to slowly come to the conclusion that this isn't actually about me.... Okay, I'm good."
Hanna: "Caleb thinks I might push my dad further out of our corner if I push, but then also I just really want to push and push."
Aria: "So call Caleb, I don't have time to talk about other people."
Hanna: "It's a full moon, Aria. He's 'camping' with Uncle Dad."
Aria: "This is about the shoes, I bet. Rather than, ya know, the gun she stole..."
Hanna: "Yeah, her closet for shoes and guns is locked! For the first time!"
Aria: "Maybe because there's guns and shoes in there, and you're acting Spencer-twitchy all the time now?"


Dad: "I may not be able to pay for college, but at least here is some money for your campus trip."

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Pretty Little Liars




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