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To Any Port or Foreign Shore
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Redcoat summoned the Liars to Ravenswood, and thence the ultimate A Lair: Timelines, documents, a million omniscient computers... And Redcoat herself, secretly watching from behind a picture of Alison's face. Per The Grunwald -- with whom Ali shares some kind of parrot-related ESP connection, and who dug her out of the ground that one time -- trying to protect Alison could result in leading A straight to her. What nobody knows, as they set out to track Alison down in totally decent Edwardian gear, is that Ezra might well be behind it all.

Knowns: CeCe is either a Redcoat or in the employ of A, although she definitely has spent time in A's Ravenswood Lair, and definitely did not die from Aria trying to kung fu her to death. Mona's outside Ravenswood, meeting with the B-Team, seemingly to guarantee her own safety from "her," as Toby reports from the shadows. Melissa and maybe Wren are off to London, maybe together, and Shana was in league with one or both of them; we still don't know for sure who killed Darren Wilden. Caleb is now on his way to Ravenswood, just in time for the big city-wide creeper party that will explain what the hell this crazy town is all about.


Liars: "Okay so let's all try to find Alison before A finds her, or us. But what the hell kind of place do you have a party in a graveyard? Oh right, Ravenswood."
Hanna: "This girdle's killin' me."
Spencer: "It's a corset."
Hanna: "It's bullshit is what it is."

Emily: "Wait! I am having an Emily attack. I don't mind running into A, but I am scared to see Alison. It will be too weird."
Aria: "Oh, honey. Come on."

Aria takes Emily's hands, and the girls proceed into the graveyard party.


Caleb is all alone on the enchantedly horrible bus to Ravenswood, except for one mysterious Ravenswood-looking dude with no teeth.


Aria: "This place is effed up. Are those some fingers sticking out of that grave?"
Spencer: "They are clearly mushrooms! I was born to call bullshit on Ravenswood."

Hanna stops cold, spying two little girls in identical red coats staring at some graves while a top-hatted monster man puts flowers on another grave. Guess what, if you never see her face, a little girl in a red coat is going to be a little person. That is just the rules.

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