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Emily's dad keeled over after she was attacked by an entire high school and told to act normal bitch. Hanna's new BFF is Sean Faris, so she's ridin' high -- even after A drank her milkshake all up from inside of her mouth. #MonaIsTheDevil and there's not a damn thing Aria can do about it. And Spencer, between fistfuls of pills, has determined that Ezra Fitz is A. Good thing she's got all that credibility, and never jumps to accuse people, all the time, every day.


In the most Hopper-painting thing all season, we open on Alison in a telephone booth that pops out of the darkness like we're in space, or a hyperreal simulacrum of the real world. I haven't seen a payphone in ten years, much less a phone booth, but in Rosewood and its surrounding towns, it makes sense that this would be happening.

Like did you know there's a phone booth in the Rear Window Brew? Yeah, and guess who's in there is Shana, under the pretty little watchful eyes of some Liars. As always with Alison, we have no idea what she's talking about or why, so here's the convo.

Alison: "I need it. There's no other choice."
(First guess: A snow globe, lunchbox, chessboard, accordion, or some other weird thing containing a secret compartment with a weird thing in it, or maybe a doll version of somebody.)
Shana: "[Yeah but I can't talk to your mom because you told me not to talk to her, when we were sketching out this epic five-year plan back in Georgia.]"
Alison: "I know but you have to get in touch with her. And here's what you say..."
Shana: (Already knows. This is not her first rodeo.)
Alison: "Yeah and but that's it. She can't know I'm alive yet. I'll call you later at this random phone booth from this random phone booth and give you more instructions."
Shana: "Okay, but I have to go. Your bitch friends are givin' me the hairy eyeball."
Alison: "I hate it when you just hang up on me, Shana. It makes me feel like a regular teenage girl who knows how to fly a plane and has been faking her own death for years."

Liars: "God, we hate her. For some reason."
Emily: "No, I'm over it. Alison likes her, so we like her."
Aria: "I would still like to flip her the bird."

Shana leaves, weird looks are looked. Everybody looks weird at everybody else, she's like backing out the door because there are so many weird looks for everybody to serve up to everybody else.

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