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Half In Love With Easeful Death
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Ezra's mother has decided to blame Aria for his poverty and ingratitude, even after everybody found out that she'd stolen his baby out of high school and set the mom up in a sweet condo, many states away. Eventually Ezra went off to see the kid, and while he's been gone Aria has been hanging out -- and eventually makin' a little time -- with his hot baby brother. ("Baby" in this context meaning "age-appropriate.") Emily and Jason were in an elevator crash that nearly injured her, and put Jason in the hospital for about five minutes until he disappeared.

Spencer has absolutely lost her marbles and forced Wren to take her on a little trip to see if she could find them inside Mona Vanderwaal's face. No dice. (And speaking of dice, Caleb's Uncle Dad is a little bit of a stealer, it seems. Or just really likes drawing dice on money.) And of course, everybody but especially Emily is intensely focused on the newest scandal: Detective Darren Wilden possibly got a fifteen-year-old Alison pregnant, and subsequently killed her.


Liars: "Doing okay, Emily?"
Emily: "On a scale of Mean Cupcakes to Dressing Room Snakes or Scary Massage, I'd put the Elevator Disaster at about a Robot Death House."
Liars: "Maybe the A-Team will just go away, now that everybody but Jason is dead in the NAT Club and Jason's far away or dead."
Spencer: "Or go back to torturing us full-time."
Liars: "All right, Hastings. Buck up. Now, why do we think CeCe lied about knowing Wilden from Cape May?"
Aria: "Which evidence abruptly disappeared. You know, we should really think about documenting and backing this stuff up. Generally I think those kind of measures are pretty alarmist -- what, you're gonna lose your Fantasy Football spreadsheet? -- but honestly is there any person or group of persons on this planet more in need of some digital security? Just some passwords and a hard drive. Even just the cloud. Something."

Emily: "So is CeCe Drake A+? Is she Red Coat?"
Spencer: "Hmm? Maybe it's CeCe Drake."
Liars: "Spencer, if we lose your brilliant mind that's the whole enchilada. Take a ginkgo and get it together."
Spencer: "Sorry, you guys. I'm just a little distracted thinking about how Dr. Wren took me to another city, where I sort of physically attacked Mona Vanderwaal with my teeth bared and making crazy noises like a beast."

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