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Half In Love With Easeful Death

Mom: "[Hee-honk! Skabitzbobble!]
Ezra: "Tell my mom how stupid she's being, Aria! Because she IS! You ARE, MOM!"
Mom: "Oh great. Hey, Aria. Why don't you tell my son to go ahead and suck a dick?"
Ezra: "Get out of this house! Out of my studio apartment! Stop paying for things! Stop paying for everything, MOM! I love Aria, MOM! Deal with it!"
Mom: "And you know what else, Aria? You're in the way now. Fair warning. I have a grandson. I realize I didn't give a shit about that for seven years, but now that it's unavoidable, I realized this may be the only shot I get."

There's a very stressful moment where you think he's about to make her take her presents she got for the kid, too, which would be heartbreaking and would piss me off because I'd have to sympathize with horrible Mrs. Fitzgerald, but no. He's saving them to throw in the trash later, like a petty little bitch.

Ezra: "I know you had a key made, MOM! Hand it over RIGHT NOW! And CALL first before you come over, which also DON'T DO!"
Aria: "...I see now that there are two sides to every story. But since part of your shit fit was about how much you love me, I'm willing to ignore the one billion red flags you just waved in my face. Get over here and kiss me, my tiny boneyard martinet."


Paige: "Any idea why Shana got in trouble for emailing confidential information?"
Emily: "Come right in. And duh, it was me. I needed to find out the info."
Paige: "But that was a person's job! In this economy!"
Emily: "Way I see it, if we don't find A she's eventually going to end up dead anyway, just like everybody else. Did she get fired? No. So what is the fucking problem."
Paige: "Is this a Mona thing? Hey, did she kill that cop on that train that time while wearing the Queen of Hearts costume?"
Emily: "No, it was a dude, and anyway you need to quit. This is bigger than Mona. She's possibly working for somebody else, Red Coat. We thought it was CeCe Drake for about a minute, but that's patently ludicrous."
Paige: "Why didn't you tell me?"
Emily: "Why don't I ever tell you anything, ever? Why didn't you and Caleb tell us about your useless B-Team thing that never went anywhere? Exactly. Because I was being awesome. And now I'm being honest. Your turn."

Paige: "The truth is ... I am a lunatic."

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Pretty Little Liars




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