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Half In Love With Easeful Death

Emily: "Guess she wasn't covering for him. I sure hope she survives this little interview."
Hanna: "Next up, heard from Jason since he ditched us at the hospital?"
Emily: "Yeah, he's in Virginia. Don't worry about it."
Hanna: "Um, okay? Next, did you tell Paige about how you were almost bisected?"
Emily: "No, but also do you think Paige and Caleb are endangering themselves, through their relentless pursuit of danger?"
Hanna: "Probably, but since they're doing it anyway we might as well get their info from them. Before they die."
Emily: "Next! What's going on with Caleb and Uncle Dad?"
Hanna: "Caleb's great. Real happy. On the other hand, I think Uncle Dad stole money from a church."
Emily: "Let's stick a pin in that one. There's already a lot going on in this episode."


Aria: "Wes! We need to talk! About your unscheduled departure, yes, but... Oh hey, Ezra."
Ezra: "I know! I know, Aria. I got back at 3 this morning, I was just about to call you."
Aria: "You were 'just about' to call me? After weeks of radio silence?"
Ezra: "Okay, so we're doing this now. Got it. Sorry about that."

Yeah you are. And to add insult to injury, you're doing it with an Aria dressed like a failed prototype for a Prince protégée.

Aria: "Just stand there and let me yell at you for a good long time."
Ezra: "It's okay. I literally have no worthwhile reasons for doing that."
Aria: "Like, we're both clingy. Right? And so but then also, people in my life that vanish tend to never come back. Or turn out to be evil. Do you hear what I'm saying?"
Ezra: "Yes, and as I said, I have nothing of worth to say in response. We good?"
Aria: "Yes. But only because I feel guilty about a certain thing."
Ezra: "Was it that thing you were running in here to talk to my brother about?"
Aria: "That was nothing. We uh ruined a carpet, it was a whole... I'm gonna be late for school, but let's have dinner later."


Two things immediately stand out about Ella's empty classroom this period: First of all, somebody has written a Keats poem on the board in what you might generously call a "serial killer-esque" cursive. Not Ella's usual style at all, but given the content (not to be an Aria, but it's worth checking out, FYI) and the context (the second notable thing, which is Spencer lying on a desk staring into space with the dead-eyed unblinking crazy of a girl who's only in school because Melissa is being nosy) it makes sense.

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