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Half In Love With Easeful Death

Ella: "Holy shit. Spencer? You look like you have a disease."
Spencer: "Sorry. Just wanted to spend my free period... in the quiet."
Ella: "Where ya been, kiddo?"
Spencer: "Having a bad week. I can leave, if you don't want me hanging around..."
Ella: "Anything you wanna, um, talk about? Because if my husband saw you right now he'd burst into tears about his dead brother."

Spencer: "I sort of tried to eat Mona Vanderwaal."
Ella: "I know. Mr. Horowitz was going to have you suspended, until Mona spoke up in your defense."
Spencer: "Even that seems bitchy to me right now, Mrs. Montgomery."
Ella: "Spence, I've known you almost your entire life. You are a person who bounces back. We have that in common. And I have never ever in my life seen you down like this."
Spencer: "Yeah, well. People change."

She's meant to spit this out, because it's a bitter double statement -- about both her formerly resilient self, and the cause of her current upheaval -- but for some reason this doesn't come across, so when her next line is an apology for snapping at her teacher, it's a little distracting.

Ella: "Breakups are terrible. I get it. Know any hot young baristas? That could help."
Spencer: "Dr. Wren."
Ella: "Hoo boy. Gotcha. I think you're gonna be okay. Listen, if you want to hang out here alone, any free period you want, the door's open."
Spencer: "Sincere thanks, Mrs. Montgomery. I appreciate your wise but gentle approach."
Ella: "Wherever Mikey is, I hope he does too."


Hanna and Emily appear at Paige's car window just as she's GPSing the Halloween Store, which she stutteringly explains is a solo mission to get Shana to give up info about the Queen of Hearts. Of course, the girls hop right on in the car and head over there with her, because they're both secretly paranoid that Paige is doing gay stuff with Shana, but I submit to you that possibly, as a solo mission, this would have gone better. I mean, we'll see in a second how it goes, but just imagine the possibility that Paige on her own, going to this store to ask its sole employee to go against its regulations, might work out better in the end. But no.

Paige: "Emily, no. The whole point of this is that I'm protecting you."
Emily: "No. Doing things alone is what gets us in trouble. All people all together all the time. No alone. Only mutual. Only in droves."

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