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Half In Love With Easeful Death

Hanna Does Say: "I'm really into fashion!"
Shana: "I don't have time for this."
Hanna: "Oh, but what about this costume here?"
Shana: "That's Little Boy Blue. They're all clearly labeled, so."
Hanna: "Don't you just love this color? It's so blue. It's such a blue blue, isn't it? Quite the blue hue."
Paige: "Hanna. You are acting crazy. This is Paige McCullers telling you this."

Finally the phone rings, and Shana gets back to the register just as Emily's faking her way back out of the bathroom; with a cock of the head she tells Hanna their ad hoc plan has worked perfectly and they peace, Paige still entirely confused about what just happened.


Aria's just studying her like one book they have to read this semester when suddenly the sky darkens and there's the oddest smell, like frightened roses.

Mrs. Fitzgerald: "Aria Montgomery!"
Aria: "Mrs. Fitzgerald. What a horrible surprise. What's the disingenuous cat-and-mouse game of the day, then?"
Mrs. Fitzgerald: "I just wanted to thank you! Whatever you said -- or ahem, did -- it worked. Wesley's come home! He's going back to prep school and won't be hitting on any more teachers."
Aria: "Wait, are you treating me like a person? Cool! I guess one night in my house of horrors really scared the piss out of your son."

Mrs. Fitzgerald: "Wait, what? I was suddenly talking about Ezra somehow."
Aria: "Then I guess you tricked me into admitting he stayed at my house. Which, given you already trumped up some bullshit about me making out with him..."
Mrs. Fitzgerald: "The important thing is that I've never done anything wrong. Can you imagine, a child? In high school? No offense, but no teenager can handle that responsibility, no matter how many poems they love. I'm sure your parents would have done the same."
Aria: "I will say this for Ella and Byron, they respect me enough to involve me in decisions about my life."
Mrs. Fitzgerald: "Well, that explains a lot. Anyway, Ezra probably won't have time for you now that he's got Malcolm on deck. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up with that Maggie after all. Or Jackie Morales. Or anybody besides you. Have a great day!"


Hanna: "Good job with those credit card numbers, Caleb will use a computer to hack them or something later on."

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