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Half In Love With Easeful Death

Paige: "Do you think Toby would ever cheat on Spencer? Why else would she be this upset, for this long? It's not like anything tragic or terrible or pathetic or sad happens to us, ever. Just rub some dirt on it, you know?"
Hanna: "Toby would not cheat. He has the skills of a Labrador Retriever, and also the bravery, but most of all the loyalty. And for the record, neither would Paige."

Emily, verbatim: "Who said anything about Paige?"
Hanna, verbatim: "Uh, your face?"

HA! Yessssss. So much more Emily and Hanna all the time, please? Emily's like her perfect foil, and very much in need of Hanna's generosity and very honest, demonstrative affection. Plus it means more Team Sparia, which let's be honest.

Emily: "Good one. But I mean, what the hell was that with Shana, right?"
Hanna: "How do you even know Shana's gay? She barely looked at me."
Emily, verbatim: "That's the criteria?"
Hanna: "You didn't see those chicks at the lesbian bar, man. They were in it to win it. Did I tell you about the..."
Emily: "Yeah, yeah. Your milkshake. The pinkdrinks. You did, you did. It was hilarious. Hilarious and oft-told."
Hanna: "Leaving aside my bewitching sensuality for like one second, though, did you ever think that maybe the constant surveillance and neverending torture has made us a little paranoid? If you go around expecting the worst of people, probably that is what you will get. Stands to reason the opposite would also be true."

As though summoned by this speech -- or at least the phrase The Worst -- Aria appears, hurling herself across the room and onto the bed in one morose, glum movement.

Liars: "Annnnnnd here we motherfucking go. Fine. Four letters, starts with E."


Waitress: "Here is your enormous glass of wine that it took both hands to bring you."
Ashley: "I didn't order this. I mean, I'll drink it, but I didn't order it."
Wilden: "IT WAS ME! You and your wine, Ashley. God, the three of us had some sexy, gross, self-hating times. Didn't we, though?"
Ashley: "I am having dinner alone in public precisely because I don't want any surprises. Get away from my table, or let me call Veronica Hastings so she can join us from space."
Wilden: "I'm here as a friend."
Ashley: "Bitch we are not friends. We are not anything. That was so long ago, do you understand how much shit has happened on this show since then?"

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