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Half In Love With Easeful Death

Wilden: "Ahem. As a friend, I am here to implore you to help me keep my job by shutting your daughter the hell up. Besides occasionally extorting sex out of MILFs and constantly arresting little girls for made-up crimes like shovel-finding, I am very good at my job. Rosewood is safer with me detecting than it would be without."
Ashley: "Are you seriously worried about your reputation? Pretty sure knocking up an underage girl and then killing her is like, most of the official Rosewood Men Bucket List. It's a hat trick. Ludicrous."
Wilden: "Just saying, as a friend, that if your daughter doesn't shut up about this stuff, probably I will kill her. And you. After exposing your many crimes, and the sex tape I probably made of us doing it."
Ashley: "Have some of this enormous glass of wine, buddy. You need it. Me, I'm thinking I'll start with the hummus."


Wren: "I do not give up that easily. I was hoping to find you here, at the one place everybody is this week."
Spencer: "Oh good, it's nice to see you. I wanted to apologize for blatantly using you to attack Mona last week. That kind of sucked of me."
Wren: "-- I deserve to be used."
Spencer: "...Go on? Actually, could you say that again? With your little accent?"
Wren: "Spencer I'd be lying if I said I showed up at your door with a semi just purely out of medical interest. Mona told me you broke up with Toby and went crazy and I thought, Well, those are two things I can use to my benefit."

No prob. What, the sexual predator acted like a sexual predator? Come on.

Wren: "Anyway, this whole thing where you left bite marks all over Mona. Is that... Is she the one who came between you and Toby?"
Spencer, heartwrenchingly: "You could say that."

Wren: "Ooh, I just saw a little crazy go by inside your head so, I'm gonna bounce, but uh, anyway, sorry for being my usual incorrigible, sexually dubious self with you. I guess I got what was coming to me, in that you are not the fun and sexy kind of crazy but the stale-sweat and animal-noises kind of crazy."
Spencer: "Don't run so fast, baby. You wanna take this thing out for another spin? I could use a rebound, you are the most stunningly attractive person on Earth, and I'm guessing in another year or so you won't be that into me."
Wren: "Yeah, once they can vote it's like..."

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Pretty Little Liars




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