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Like A Bell To A Southerly Wind
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A finally convinced Emily she was the weakest link, through breakfast cereal and terrifying massages. Aria was lost in her usual Dolores Haze, and Mikey was losing it. Spencer went rampaging on this latest bad-Latin clue of the NAT Club, and Hanna got into some heavy shit with her stepsister-to-be.


Emily, after getting her sixth scary text message of the day, can't quite sleep. She roams around Hanna's house -- Hanna sleeps in a bra, camisole, tunic sweater and jeans occasionally -- and checks out. When she calls Emily, she finds that Emily's left her phone behind. Couple hours later, the Liars are all together looking for her.

Aria: "I think she went to Texas. I would bust out of here too."
Emily: (Running randomly through the forest like a crazy person.)

The text that broke the swimmer's back: A picture of Aria kissin' Ezra, with a threat to tell Ella or else.

Hanna: "Is that you, Aria?"
Spencer, awesomely: "Of course it is. Unless you're Ella, then you'd just assume it was me sluttin' it up like usual."
Hanna: "I don't think Emily would tattle on something that amazing and forever like your boring love that nobody cares about."
Spencer: "Well, even if she would, which you can't trust anybody but especially not a weak link like our friend Emily, she can't now. She's running through the forest like a crazy person, while we have her phone."
Emily: (Still running. Maybe to Texas.)


Emily, who ran so far that she pulled herself together, ends up at Therapy Anne's office. Who is also there is: Everybody.

Hanna: "Girl, you had us worried. Why didn't you wake me up?"
Aria: "I'm still under the impression that you were running to Texas and just randomly ended up here."
Emily: "I will not be the bowling ball that takes the rest of you guys out."
Spencer: "Clearly we believe in you, that's why we're here talking to your therapist behind your back."
Anne: "What's with all the bowling-ball talk? Are you guys being stalked by a ninja ghost or something?"
Liars: "Um."
Spencer: "Yeah, somebody has been up our asses for a while now. We didn't tell you before because it means certain death for you, but whatever. Emily's cracking."


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