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Like A Bell To A Southerly Wind


Emily: "How come Regina is staying here and redoing your kitchen cabinets? She's not even your mom."
Ashley: "No, we're cool with each other. She likes me more than her son."
Emily: "Is that really a spatula in the same drawer as a glue gun?"
Ashley: "That old lady gave us a lawn mower for our wedding. She's always been this way."
Emily: "Care to talk about your feelings? That's my main thing."
Ashley: "Yeah, it's weird. Hey, are you broken up with Samara?"
Emily: "Yeah, basically. I fucked up because of a ghost ninja and there's some static and unknown quantities."
Ashley: "You know what, I get it. I probably would still be wondering about my ex-husband if he hadn't come back to town and fucked me and let me dump him again. You tend to make up the other person's side of the conversation when they're not around."

(Ashley Marin, you are a mass of contradictions. Wise, but not so wise you won't bone the police or confuse money with lasagna or steal from old dead ladies, but yet and still and always so very wise.)

Ashley: "Thank you for hanging out with me tonight, Emily. You're a good friend."
Emily: "I'm a child and you're a grown woman, but I know what you mean."
(She texts, presumably Samara.)


Byron: "So, having a good night? Did Mike eat?"
Aria: "Who cares?"
Byron: "Life for Mike is hard."
Aria: "I resent him finally, so who cares."
Ella: "FYI, my wrist is healing beautifully."
Aria: "I have to go do some homework now before I tell on Mike some more."


It's not Samara! It's Maya! They are so happy to see each other! Christianity has really aged her! Just kidding.


Toby: "Stop kissing me, I think somebody's in Jason's house."
Spencer: "How spooky! That you kiss with your eyes open, I mean."
Toby: "It's probably nothing. Our fault for rounding second base in the yard of our enemy."
Spencer: "Great, now I see it. Two shadows, actually. Garrett and Jason! And Jenna! Clearly are up in that house taping our makeout session!"
Toby: "That was a long jump of Olympic proportions."
Spencer: "Melissa and Ian and Toby too, probably!"
Toby: "I see that crazy Spencer face on your face. I better put on my shirt before you... And there she goes."

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