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Like A Bell To A Southerly Wind

Toby finds his sister in Garrett's car, blindly eating cherries and lining the stones up on the dashboard like a crazy spooky blind girl does. Garrett comes out of Jason's house and makes out with her, and Toby gets all skeeved. Not to say jealous, but I guess on this show anything is possible.


Anne: "So wait, you thought it was the ghost of your friend? That's ridiculous."
Liars: "Well, we are nothing if not ridiculous."
Anne: "And I'm the first person you told? How come?"
Liars: "...We have to go."


Emily: "The fashion show was kind of a good thing, because now even our parents know we're getting stalked."
Hanna: "Spencer, give me those used books about horses that I'm giving my dumb stepsister instead of a real gift."
Liars: (Give her shit about it.)
Aria: "I don't think a bunch of regifted horse books is going to stop her from murdering you."
Hanna: "I am accustomed to being stalked by numerous people. This is more like due diligence so my Dad won't be sad that I'm ruining his new life before it even starts."

Jenna, quietly: "That's not what we agreed..."
Liars: (Stare at her and think about how lucky it is that she's so blind she will totally have spooky phone conversations in the Quad right next to their table.)
Emily: "Do you think that picture was from Jenna?"
Aria: "I'm so sure, even with Garrett helping I doubt she would come after us. It's not like torturing us will get her eyeballs back, and Alison's already dead anyway."
Spencer: "Yeah, dead from murder. Probably by everybody."

Betty Buckley, the awesomest person of all time, shows up suddenly and starts in on Hefty Hanna about eating salad. She's Hanna's grandma! She is earthy and obnoxious and wonderful! (She is the director's sister also, but still: Quite a get.)

Grandmother Regina: "I got here early for the wedding thing, come with me to the bathroom so I can [quote] wipe the dew from my lily."
Spencer: "...Aaaaand I will never eat again."
(Jenna keeps whisper-yelling into the phone.)
Emily: "Maybe instead of endangering Anne who never hurt anybody, we should have gone to the cops. Oh wait, Garrett is a cop. Never mind. I already saw what I did there."

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