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Like A Bell To A Southerly Wind

Ella shows up and tries to get him off the computer and it ends up with some accidental violence that freaks everybody out completely. It's scary and just a little too real. If he'd actually hit her or something it wouldn't be as scary or as sad as this awkward flurry of activity that ends up in bruises for everybody. Also, Holly Marie Combs is the most amazing actor. Usually when people are that talented at such a young age it leaks away, for whatever reason, in public; it's always so nice to watch people make that transition as gracefully as she has.

Mike: (Bounces, horrified.)
Ella: "When you father gets home, this did not happen."
Aria: "Pretty sure that's the wrong call. Looks to me like your kid just got violent on you."
Ella: "I will take care of it."

Mama Bears are always intimidating but you haven't seen scary until you've seen this kind of shutdown. She's Mama Bearing herself.


Spencer: "Oh, did I not tell you that your sister is boning that stalker cop? My bad."
Toby: "I feel like I should wade into this mess and get myself all fucked up."
Spencer: "Um, no. That is not the right impulse."
(They kiss; they are fucked.)


Anne: "Remember how I told Ella I was going to come give a talk? That day is today. Since Rosewood High is clearly the epicenter for all craziness in the universe, your teachers and parents thought I should come talk you out of being so crazy all the time."

Liars, Students: "Good fucking luck with that, sister."

Anne: "I feel like it can be harder to act normal when you're feeling unsafe, which again is like all high school but especially this high school. Bullying is so terrible, you see. And when it is cyber, it's worse because they can keep pressing SEND over and over. Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can hurt you more than sticks or stones. If you have no sense of your own agency, I mean."

Jenna: Creepy blind grin!
Noel Kahn: NOEL KAHN

Anne: "We used to think that bullying was good for you, but you guys are pussies. Cyberbullying is the act of a coward, but still matters somehow in real life."

Hanna: "I am so bored right now."
Emily: "Shh!"

Lucas: "I get bullied in the face."
Mona: "This is gay. And fat. And retarded."

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