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Like A Bell To A Southerly Wind

Regina: "I am not senile. I am being a dick. Own it."

Kate: "Let's go look at the wedding dress, Sis. It's like ridiculous."
Hanna: "Okay, as far as the speech, let's make you be the main talker."
Kate: "We're in this together! Oh, let's drink vodka right now!"
Hanna: "I am a teen alcoholic, so okay. That seems like a great idea."
Kate: "You are so easy."


Emily: "Weird that we're not at the wedding stuff, huh? Your ex-husband is getting remarried, I'm denied my basic civil rights..."
Ashley: "Let's eat all the ice cream and I will drink all the wine."


A: (Plays a recording over and over on the phone of her going, "And I'm the first person you told about this? And I'm the first person you told about this? And I'm the first person you told about this?")

Awesomely, Anne hangs up so A presses SEND again immediately, just like Anne said in her speech. Anne! You are getting bullied! Cyberbullied!


Garrett: "I am going to ask you a bunch of weird questions about this bug to throw you off."
Anne: "No, this shit actually happened. Take care of it."
Garrett: "In our made-up police department, you're going to have to give us the names of the girls that were tattling to you before you can file a report."
Other Cop: "Apparently he's right."

Anne: "Powerlessness!"

It's more unnerving somehow to watch her go through this, even though the Liars go through it every single episode. Probably because she's not also buying lipgloss online or having coffee with Mona Vanderwaal in the middle of everything while it's happening: She's just focusing on her stalking and impending murder. (Perhaps there is a lesson for us all, in there.) But also, we don't know if she has the magic powers that the Liars have. Maybe being slowly poisoned or run over by a car would actually harm her.


Kate: "Okay, how about we talk about how in love they are or something."
Hanna: "I'm so drunk. That's really romantic."
Kate: "Who are you looking at on your phone? Oh my God, a hot werewolf. Oh my God, my abusive uncle, quick, drink all your vodka immediately! Just kidding, false alarm."
Hanna: "I am already too drunk to notice that this is a trap."

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