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Sweet Disposition
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It's morning, and the Liars are movin' pretty slow. They're all at Spencer's house, even Aria, which is okay because Ian's in Philly. Aria's been awake all night, dressed insanely and running around and acting weird, because that's her thing: She started drinking black coffee and smoking cloves and wearing scarves in like the third grade. "One eye is bigger than the other," Hanna says adorably, "You look like a strung-out Power Puff Girl!"

And how come? Because Aria's seen too many episodes of like NCIS and JAG, whatever old-people shows she thinks mature young people are into, and has been enhancing the image they were sent last night, turning it this way and that, triangulating the angle from whence. The picture is of Allison in her yellow death top, being pursued through Spencer's yard -- Which is apparently next door to Allison's house? Even though Emily also lives next door to Allison's house? I think I am confused -- and from the angle it would seem the photo was taken from Ali's bedroom window.

So then it's randomly decided, in a get-this-story-underway fashion, that the picture was taken by Ali's brother Jason. And you know from the way they say it and the way the music goes that this is correct. Nursing memories of his weird behavior at the memorial, and still very cutely sleepy, none of the girls are really up to visiting him with the photo.

Except of course for Spencer, who is being very hardcore this week. Not just because she is Spencer, but also because -- spoiler alert -- it is she, in the photograph. She is the stalking shadow. Her reasons for not fessing about this are sort of complex, but essentially we learn in a flashback at the end that she put a death curse on Alison moments before the photo was taken, during their big interesting fight, and so she feels like maybe she caused Alison's murder, like via The Secret. So instead of telling them this, she just grabs her gun and many knives, and goes Jason-hunting.

Over at Hanna's house, Ashley's running through her agenda with her assistant, and then her whole face goes frozen and terrified: Seems old Mrs. Potter, unwitting donor of the Ashley Marin Ass-Covering Fund -- which was stolen by A and is now being handed out to Hanna one horrible deed at a time -- has moved her yearly bank visit up, about 50 weeks or so, and Ashley suddenly needs $50,000 she doesn't have. Hanna starts stressing -- for about five reasons at this point, because of the many, many ways the money has fucked up and continues to fuck up her life -- but Ashley's like one parental allele kicks in and she's like, "Little girls shouldn't worry about things like this. I will do something drastic or stupid, trust Mama."

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