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Sweet Disposition

Spencer changes the subject to Paige McCullers (whose name itself brings up about a million things we can talk about one of these days) and whether she got kicked off the team, because as it happens Spencer tried to do just that to her by ringing the homophobia bell in sweet Coach Walton's ear. Emily's like, "Dude! You did that? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Because that girl has been bullying people since JV and she needs to be put in her place." Emily's like, "That was the awesomest thing I ever did! You ruined it!" Spencer can't figure out what the problem is, of course, because destruction is her path of righteousness, and Emily's all, "Okay. I am not freaked out that my coach knows I'm gay, because I seriously doubt that's a prob if you know what I mean. But I do take issue with the idea -- having discovered my own backbone lately -- that you need to cover for me."

This is where Spencer totally fucks up. "I know you're not totally helpless, but you're my friend, and I didn't want her to get away with it. And for all your protestations about standing up for yourself I have but one eloquent reply: Alison DiLaurentis." Emily's like, fuck you and your bead store, I am out of here. "Thank you for making sure my feelings didn't get hurt."

This episode was sort of billed as "the one where they all turn on each other finally," and I don't know what you thought that would look like, but between this and Hanna's well-meaning warning to Aria, I could not have dreamed it would play out like this. It's so awesome, and way sweeter than you could have expected because all the fighting results directly from how they love each other so much!

"Stop being a good, supportive friend! It's wrecking my many lies I keep telling myself! To be known utterly -- it is such sweet nausea! You're smothering me! With your love!"

Aria and Ezra. Holding hands after he balks for a moment. Stepping out of the museum for some air after learning the artist is not actually going to be showing up. Heading back inside, kissing hard, looking hot, being super cute but also not that interesting.

Ha! Hanna shows up at Ashley's work and they sort of flip out at each other without really talking much, and then randomly Ashley's assistant comes in to say that Mrs. Potter just dropped dead! Never thought they'd do it that way. It's brilliant. The least likely convenience, just: Snip. Problem solved, let's keep this thing moving. That's how we roll on Pretty Little Liars. Hanna throws herself on her mother and just comes completely unspooled at this news -- because it's not just Ashley's safety but also her beholdenness to A that hangs on this -- and they have a sweet moment where Ashley nearly breaks down and is just like, "I know, baby."

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