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Shoppe Of Li'l Horrors
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This latest shell game with Vivian produced a terrifying doll hospital in damned, doomed Brookhaven, as well as an invigorating night flight for old Aria. Ella forced a very temporary stalemate in Byron's ongoing pissing match with his own hypocrisy, not that anybody was grateful. Emily's mom is coming to town, and (somebody claiming to be) Maya was busily leaving (or not leaving) a place for Paige in her life. Hanna saved Jenna's life after somebody attempted to blow her up again, while Spencer was becoming more and more convinced that every single person in her family was a murderer -- but then, every single person not in her family was probably a relative anyway. Ella and Ashley, meanwhile, were proceeding merrily down the wine-fueled primrose path into Hell formerly walked by sympathetic cannon fodder such as our dear Therapy Anne, whose Tory Burch boots turned out to be made for getting the eff out of Rosewood.


Because each part of the Hastings house is as scary as every other part, and because Spencer was recently exploded, she's sleeping on the downstairs couch. But who's that going through her shit? Including a duffle bag and her bottles of pain meds?

Alison DiLaurentis: "Oh, did I wake you? Sorry. Randomly breaking into people's houses can weird them out, especially if you do this from beyond the grave."
Spencer: "What's going on now?"
Ali: "I needed to steal something from my duffle bag you have here near the couch. And also gank some painkillers. You know, it's funny about Jason. Sharing him as a brother almost makes us sisters, don't you think?"
Spencer: "Not technically, but I know what you... Hey, hold up."
Ali: "You deserve at least one decent sister. Nobody else gets to have one. Anyway, cryptic nonsense."
Spencer: "Are you dead or what?"
Ali: "I've missed you! That fierce look you get in your eyes when you have to know the answer."
Spencer: "It's universally acknowledged as my best feature."
Ali: "It's not going to save you this time. Keep going, though. You're getting warmer."

The front door slams, she wakes up, it's morning, and even though the front door slammed and the whole thing was a dream, when Melissa enters the door has been hanging open wide all night, and even more mysteriously, the bottles of painkillers have been messed with, and are still open.

This is so amazing. Will Spencer Hastings finally be losing her shit?

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