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If These Dolls Could Talk

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Shoppe Of Li'l Horrors

From my notes: oh my god pll


Aria: "Okay, he's nine years old, has never seen the sun, and probably lives in a cupboard with like 600 dolls."

That would be the line of the night, I think.

Emily: "Okay but he remembers Ali and he tried to warn her."
Liars: "Then the couple would be..."
Hanna: "Melissa! Melissa and Ian!"
Spencer: "As much as I love blaming Ian for things, you're crossing the line."


Spencer: "On the other hand, my parents think Melissa killed Alison. They even hired a detective. Sorry I didn't mention that before, but it weakens my case and I've also been distracted lately."
Liars: "Bwuh?"


Spencer: "But on the other other hand, Melissa thinks my parents killed her because of how she knew that Jason was our half-brother. Another thing I may have forgotten to mention."
Liars: "The fuck?"


Spencer: "And she used to work in the next town over, so she probably drove by that doll hospital every single day on the way to work. Where they had that doll. That the person who was threatening and harrassing Alison sent her. Like how Melissa was doing those things."
Liars: "...?"

(Beat. More beats.)

Spencer: "...Guys?"
Liars: "Uh, we're assuming at the end of this chain of admissions you're going to tell us you killed Alison. I don't want to speak for the group, but... That does seem to be how things are going."


Ella: "Hey, just dropping off your laundry."
Aria: "Fuckin' great."
Ella: "Everything cool?"
Aria: "Yeah, everything's real goddamn tight, traitor."
Ella: "What's this? What's going on now?"
Aria: "See these boarding school brochures I stole from your desk? I am brandishing them! Brandishing!"
Ella: "Okay, but see, this isn't about Ezra for me, so I don't even want to hear it. This is about fashion shows and the cops and mysterious notes and Hanna driving cars into buildings and the one million other fucked up things having to do with A."
Aria: "I am too pissed to see the logic in that! And I am going to tell on Daddy to the Dean of that College where he works! About sleeping with a grad student!"

Snakes out the hair, fire shooting from the eyes, the whole bit. Ella is so grossed out!

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Pretty Little Liars




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