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You Start Missing Everybody
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Spencer's convinced she found Toby's body in the woods, even though she didn't have a chance to confirm it was his face; now she's in Radley Sanitarium, working at best two separate agendas (relocating her mental health and chasing Mona's trail) -- but an invitation to the A-Team has been extended, and not for the first time, and given Spencer's semi-permanent fugue state and emotional/internal goodbye to the other Liars last week, it's possible she's up to a good deal more.

Aria's about had it with her boyfriend's adult responsibilities, and has been verbally working through her doubts about their future for a while now, making it the most/only interesting form of self-absorption she has ever attempted. Oh, and she told Rosewood's sudden principal that she's not even dating him, so now he can sub while he looks for a more permanent position.

Emily's been the most stable one of the group for a while, in terms of reality, but a weirdly flirty vibe triangle with her girlfriend and Halloween Shana, and continual anxiety about Toby, have left her a little frayed at the edges. Luckily, Pam is back and more awesome than ever, with a possibly useful job at the police department doing tasks unspecified. Hanna's pretty sure Caleb's Uncle Dad, whom she forced to return to town and got a job, is on the take, but she isn't talking to Caleb about it. She has 99 other problems, including a riled-up Detective Wilden and a mom who's back in Hitchcock femme mode.


Liars: "Did you not know we were coming?"
Spencer: "No, this is just how I dress now. Like a mental patient. And the reason for that is fairly simple to suss out, I think."
Liars: "Maybe it would be best if you stopped being one, then. Your mom..."
Spencer: "My mom thinks I can power through this, because she has no idea what is going on, because she's been in the UK since last season. My mom would be wrong about that."
Liars: "Hanna, that is not an approved form of therapy."

Hanna: "I don't care! This is boring! Spencer, they found the body."
Spencer: "Yeah. Toby's body. Duh."
Liars: "That's the thing, it's not Toby. That's... Maybe we should have led with that."
Spencer: "Nevertheless, it is Toby. And I am not going anywhere."

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