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You Start Missing Everybody

Ella: "Aria, what are you doing at this carnival, looking all fucked up? Don't you have a relationship to impale yourself on like an idiot?"
Aria: "That's precisely what I'm doing, mother dear. Now if you'll excuse me, I see a hooded figure kidnapping the kid I was supposed to kidnap."
Ella: "Okay but can I just reiterate that you're the fourth person in a three-person family and inevitably are going to get pushed out? And that's the best-case scenario?"
Aria: "No really this is really good advice and I will act on it later, but first I have to find this child I lost to my immortal enemy before dropping him on his wee head becomes the nicest thing, by comparison, I have ever done to him."


Eddie Lamb: "Oh good, a copy of Franny & Zooey, the only book less appropriate for a person having a mental breakdown than Catcher In The Rye itself. I'll just be taking this to Spen..."
Dr. Wren: "I'll give it to her."
Eddie Lamb: "I, um, how is this your deal at all? Why are you flexing on me right now?"
Dr. Wren: "[Portentous allusion to whatever went down with Mona and Toby and the badges and passes which makes it seem like Eddie is the bad guy, but then he's so fucking creepy about it that you think maybe it swings back to Dr. Wren again. Which is like so sad, because the only thing Wren has ever done wrong is everything he has ever done, but he's adorable enough to overlook it. Which is how girls end up dead, and I realize that, but I'm helpless here.]"

Oh, and now I get it: The other reason we can't narratively have anybody visit Spencer's room is because she's not in her room. So this is a handy way of reiterating the Wren/Lamb problem, while also bouncing back to Spencer's storyline, without actually showing Spencer. Which balances out the act, structurally, between the four girls... But also and more importantly increases our feeling, going forward, that we've seen Spencer way more recently than we actually have. Brilliant, if you think about it: We haven't actually seen her since last night, but this scene locates you in Radley for a sec, which is all it has to do.


Hanna: "I mean, I called my mom but I don't see how..."
Caleb: "Don't worry about it. I have been hating that dude my entire life, it's fine."

Uncle Dad: "Hey, I just randomly saw your car outside. Can we talk?"

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