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I'm Your Puppet

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You Start Missing Everybody

Caleb: "No. GTFO."
Uncle Dad: "I'm still trying to prove my innocence! Your support would mean a lot!"
Caleb: "Sorry. [Long speech of valid complaints that were probably quite the load off.]"
Uncle Dad: "When you put it that way, I am a piece of shit. Hence my avoiding you right up until your girlfriend forced the issue. Won't bother you again."


Aria: "A child under my care has been abducted. Should I call the cops or just see how it works out?"
Emily: "Call the cops. Unless you don't feel like it, and then I guess just blow it off."
Aria: "If I lose this kid forever, I'll never hold hands with my man-boy lover again."
Emily: "If you call the cops, A will know because A is magic, and then A will murder your child at a carnival, which is the scariest place to die if you're anybody, but especially if you're a child."
Aria: "You're right. I will definitely solve this on my own."
Emily: "Oooh, when you put it that way, no. Meet me at the police station immediately."

Noting a puppet show of Faustus, Aria immediately connects this to the flyer A left her about this puppet show, so she puts two and two together. In the tent, Malcolm sits all alone, looking drugged or maybe that's just Malcolm, and he smiles at Aria like it's no big deal.

Malcolm: "There's gonna be another show, the man outside said so. I'm just early, sitting here unattended eating possibly drugged ice cream."
Aria: "Are you stupid? You totally got kidnapped. How can you not know this?"
Malcolm: "First of all, I'm drugged. Second of all, your friend Alison told me you were running late. She basically answered the secret question."
Aria: "That was not Alison, but okay. Let's go find your dad. This is already like an Inception of abductions, and frankly I'm sick to death of your entire family anyway."


Pam, oddly: "Emily? Get the fuck out of here, don't visit me at work while your dead friend is being found in the woods over and over."
Emily: "Uh, you're the one who is constantly electrifying our windows and putting GPS on my phone and shit. You didn't say you'd be working late, and besides, I'm here to either report, ignore, or cover up a kidnapping. Details pending."
Pam: "The fact that I am acting so weird should clue you in to how there's something major going on and I will update you the second I get home. Come on, we have a rapport where you should be getting this."

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