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You Start Missing Everybody

Emily, she'd be manipulating. Aria, she'd be teasing with her own grown-upness I think, although it's hard to imagine this happening with Aria. Hanna, who wouldn't want to slow-dance with Hanna? No homo. I guess what's striking about this is that it's not particularly hard to swallow, with Spencer: Isn't this all they've ever done?

Spencer: "Was it Toby? Was he the one that gave you that bloody lip?"
Ali: "Toby? Oh, sweetie. Girls fight much dirtier than boys. I'm lucky she didn't leave a scar!"

When Spencer stops dancing, Ali offers to change the record, but no: "I can't, I haven't slept in three days. I'm looking for something." Alison dismissively waves her on, into the scariest possible room -- all haunted cribs and hobbyhorses, like you would actually totally expect to find in Radley Sanitarium -- and vanishes. Within one of the horses there's a cache of clues: Mona's nurse's costume and ID badge ("Ali Dee"), along with a visitor's pass for CeCe Drake, signed by Dr. Wren Kingston... Which is when he appears, dispelling the song and the dreamy vibe and bringing her back to the cold reality in which she is a crazy person rooting around in a room she shouldn't be in, in the middle of the night, and he's the authority figure who just found her messing with stuff that directly could indict him for the badge scandal. If he weren't so beautiful, one imagines, the next scene would be of Spencer getting racked into some medieval electricity device; instead, he will be charming some more.


Ezra is on the phone outside, with Maggie like always, making a variety of unreadable faces as they discuss yet another eventful day spent in Aria's care. But when he comes back to the table, it's with a light heart. For the moment.

Ezra: "Malcolm immediately drifted off into the sleep of someone who has been fed drugged ice cream by an escapee from a mental ward, but in those last moments he couldn't stop talking about how you're the Best Stepmother Ever. I guess he forgot the time you damaged his brain... Or maybe that's why he forgot. Knock on wood."
Aria: "Listen, that's great that you didn't get in trouble with the ever-flexible Maggie, but on a separate note, I'm dumping you."

(She dumps him, for about one million years. Love Lucy/hate Aria. Fun to watch/super boring to write or think about.)

Aria: "Somebody's gonna end up hurt here. I'd prefer it be me. This is the classiest thing I have ever done, and I honestly do deserve a ton of credit for thinking about it that way, much less explaining it that way."

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