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You Start Missing Everybody

Ezra: "Which I would give you, if I had any reason to take you at your word, but I'm Ezra Fitz. You'll get over it. I've had my share of these days..."
Aria: "-- The ones where you realize our relationship is a terrible idea?"
Ezra: "Yeah! But my bad judgment always comes through in the end."
Aria: "Which is why I'll be walking home now. Good night, Mrs. Calabash."


It would have been weird to have it in the same episode at the carnival, but every time we come back to the creepy crib room I really want some of those giant circus balls in there. Do you know the ones I'm talking about? Like with a star painted on it. Just go full-on Tweety Bird, adult-sized-cribs, Tchaikovsky Nutcracker, Suddenly, Last Summer with it. A teddybear or pink bunny rabbit, bigger than a man, with huge white plastic eyes, slumped over in a corner. Spencer absentmindedly bonking on a xylophone while we chat.

Spencer: "Okay, out with it. Mona kept souvenirs, so skip the denials and just tell me how many times you snuck CeCe Drake in here."
Dr. Wren: "Fine. That was an unholy mess, I almost got fired for it. But the why is, she called me asking to help Mona. Seems Alison got CeCe kicked out of university with some stunt at a frat party, so she had experience getting over the psychic scars Alison left behind."
Spencer: "I cannot count the ways this story seems unlikely, but I can admit that a civilian such as yourself would not know which parts of that story are suspicious. Leaving aside the part where CeCe has never demonstrated disloyalty to Alison, which is new and interesting, I still wonder how she even knew Mona was here."
Dr. Wren: "Melissa called her."

Which I guess means... Nope, lost it. This is all so confusing. I think the point of this scene is to put both the Black Swan and CeCe back on the table for the A mystery? Which makes sense because Jason already connected them to the murder mystery, but them Emily (et. al.) made it seem like they were on opposite sides of that one, so it's actually probably simpler to just cast doubt over both of them once and for all. With just one episode left in the season, that's actually very smart.


Pam: "Emily, we need to talk before Hanna gets home."
Emily: "Why were you so weird at work and bringing up cold case files?"

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