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You Start Missing Everybody

Pam: "Don't tell anybody this..."
Emily: "LOL."
Pam: "...But they found another body. It matches both Jason and Toby's descriptions, and has the tattoo from when Spencer saw it. There was significant trauma, let's say, so they can't identify him for sure, but... The odds are getting softer on this one, honey."
Emily: "So only the most freaky parts of the unhelpful information, you're giving me."
Pam: "Yes, and you can't tell anybody."
Emily: "It's like you said to a starving man, 'Here is some delicious pizza,' and then you open the box and it's just dry crusts and pineapple chunks."


Caleb: "I am so dissatisfied with my lot! And thanks to my jealous stupid jailbird dad, I even have to feel weird about accepting my affluent mother back into my life."
Hanna: "It is never a bad idea to give a person a second chance. Unless they are on this show, and then you are signing your own death warrant."

A Text: "PS, I totally framed Uncle Dad for bell-robbery and probably also fiver-stealing, and now you have fucked up Caleb's life in several different matryoshka-nested ways for no reason."

Caleb: "Ho hum. I am depressed."
Hanna: "You wanna hear something funny? Not like ha-ha funny, but like Kafkaesque funny."


Aria: "Shit, son! How did Caleb react?"
Hanna: "Reasonably, of course. But while he's off finding his dad, I'm inventing wild scenarios where he hates me."
Aria, verbatim: "Caleb's familiar with the workings of A..."
Hanna: "Yeah, so's Ezra. Doesn't mean you're gonna be telling him about how you got his child abducted today."
Aria: "That's true. I would never, ever tell him that shit. Honesty is not a synonym for idiocy. But guess what, on that note..."
Aria: "Emily. Use your words."
Emily: "The John Doe we found in the Alison mask was just some unlucky hiker. They found a body tonight in a shallow grave at the exact spot where Spence dropped her purse."
Aria: "...I'll get the candy-striper outfits."


Memory Mona: "Look at all that's happened since you turned me down on our little drive up the mountain. But I believe in second chances..."
Memory Spencer: "You don't have to ask me again, Mona. I'm in."

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Pretty Little Liars




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