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You Start Missing Everybody

Liars: "Hanna, Jeez. The point is that you are not crazy, really, but this place is making and will continue to make you crazy, so we need to subtract this place by getting you home."
Spencer: "I have to go be crazy elsewhere now. Later, boners."

She retires to her room, sneaking around with sneaky stuff* for a while, before the nurse comes and is like, "Are you gonna be totally rude or are you going to say goodbye?"

* The sneaky stuff is her A-Team welcome-packet merch, which includes:

1. A Hoodie, of course
2. Creepy Gloves
3. Some Instructions for being Evil
4. Scary Things for Later
5. Really aggressive Eyeshadow and Mascara
6. A big old Can of whoop-ass
7. A healthy dose of Irony, in the form of tickets to a puppet play of Faust, a play about the irony of making a deal with the Devil only to find oneself having made a deal with the Devil, made further ironic because of the puppetry, made further ironic because it will eventually be the objective correlative for how the first thing she does for the A-Team is like, absurdly evil and scary because she is possibly a puppet of evil who thinks it is the tricker of evil, just like in the play, etc.


Hanna: "Emily, where are all my things?"
Emily: "Everywhere! On top of my things. You are an inconsiderate guest!"
Hanna: "We can discuss that after I find all of my things."
Emily: "This is me being super stressed out."
Hanna: "You know I can't care about the Toby Stuff until next month at the earliest."

Emily: "Yes, let's talk about your very important problem of how your mother did not kill a cop."
Hanna: "How did the car, which Aria helped me push into a swamp like we're both morons, somehow end up not in the swamp? And why does Darren Wilden creep around Rosewood even more than Redcoat? It's like a fulltime job with him lately."
Emily, awesomely: "First, if Wilden's looking for his car then he's not A, so it isn't urgent. And also, cars don't float. If they did, the Pilgrims could have driven here."

Maybe the best line and line-reading of the whole episode. What a hilariously non-Emily thing to say, yet so perfectly Emily in its construction and delivery. You know girlfriend's having a time when she deigns to speak to Hanna in her own language.

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