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You Start Missing Everybody


Caleb: "[Starry-eyed with the romance of finally having a daddy, and it's so sad because Hanna can't say anything, and just waits for him to talk himself out so she can kiss him quiet. Poor old Caleb.]"
Hanna: "The reason my hair smells like Febreeze is, in a nutshell, that Pam is a crazy person. Or that I am filthy, and she's the one who is not crazy. Either way, that old lady sprayed me down."
Caleb: "Let my dad buy you dinner with his ill-got gains tonight?"
Hanna: "I dunno. I mean, okay. I mean, let's go Dutch so I don't end up with even worse tummy-rumblin's than I have right now."
Caleb: "I am realllllly going to pressure you to do this. It has to do with masculinity. It's not like super-complicated but I'm willing to walk you through it..."
Hanna: "No, I remember this from when Ezra was poor for five seconds and all he wanted to do was buy everybody shit all the time."


Aria: "But couldn't we just take the coroner's report to Spencer?"
Emily: "The one that doesn't say not Toby Cavanaugh, you mean?"
Aria: "More importantly, why are you getting texts from Shana and blushing?"
Emily: "Hey, when I was out of town, Paige hooked up with her, and now Paige is out of town..."
Aria: "I guess you had to have problems at some point. I guess dating an actual crazy person was just not interesting enough."

Hanna, verbatim: "Sorry, you guys! Caleb had a lot to share."
Emily: "Heh."
Aria: "So while you were doing that, Emily is a whore."
Emily: "So she's cruising me, so what? So I love the attention, so what?"
Aria: "Without Spencer here, somebody's gotta be puttin' the screws to everybody."
Hanna: "Look, let's just steal the dead body and take it to the sanitarium and show it to her."
Aria: "Right impulse, insane execution. But I guess we could snap some pics? I still have our candy-striper gear in my closet of horrors, and to be honest I've kinda missed the morgue."


Eddie Lamb: "Do you want to play a board game?"
Spencer: "Board games are for olds."
Eddie Lamb: "So's Duke Ellington, but you'd still let him play the piano in this mental institution, if that scenario ever came to pass."
Dr. Wren: "Spencer! For some reason I just found out you're in this mental institution! Eddie Lamb, check out my smoldering secretive side. Also my officious, rank-pulling side."

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