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You Start Missing Everybody

Eddie Lamb: "No problem. Anybody else that would be annoying in the extreme, but you are fucking dreamy."

Dr. Wren: "Hey, did my inappropriate conduct over the course of several episodes have anything to do with you losing your shit and being committed?"
Spencer: "I can honestly say no to that one. Nice to see you."
Dr. Wren: "Here's a creepy thing to know. Eddie used to play this very game with Mona in this very room in this very mental hospital. And now you are becoming her, so."
Spencer: "NBD. Probably she left some ridiculous elaborate clues in there like a treasure map or something. Now that I'm on the A-Team I don't even question her motives for that crap."


This week we're studying Ray Bradbury's spooky town-with-secrets masterpiece Something Wicked This Way Comes, whose title comes from Macbeth. You should watch the movie and read the book, and then you should also read Dandelion Wine, which is probably my favorite Bradbury book of all time despite being the least interesting, but continues the vibe; all in all there are four books set in this place, Green Town, but I haven't ever read my copies of the other two. (I don't think The Halloween Tree is set in Green Town, but it's the most overtly magical and cool of his small-town things, and has the same flavor.)

Ella: "Hey Hanna? Why is your mom out of town? I need to ask her about her boyfriend's recent hire, Uncle Dad."
Hanna: "Is he stealing everything from the church that isn't nailed down by any chance?"
Ella: "Characteristically, I am going to not answer that question in a skillfully elegant way that tells you everything you need to know."
Hanna: "Even though I am aware of this and not even really in denial about it, I'm freaking out just enough to be weirdly aggressive about this."
Ella: "As is my way, I am going to remain calm and awesome throughout our encounter because I am the best person on any show, ever."


True to form, the board game contains clues that lead Spencer all over Radley, including to a window with a busted latch that you can open with the merest pressure. There are multiple spots marked on the map, but this is the first and most important one because when we next see Spencer she'll be resisting forcefully her mother's attempts to get her out of there, which means she's got more agendas in play than you'd at first assume, so it's good to consider these Radley scenes as their own little trail of crumbs. Spencer's story mutates throughout the episode as we learn it, but at the end it circles back around to the beginning, to reverse it once again.

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