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You Start Missing Everybody


Uncle Dad: "I am very excited about my new job! Spoiler, I am being framed."
Hanna: "Even when it's not about A, somehow it becomes about A. Therefore, I am going to be wildly passive aggressive about this dinner and necklace you've bought me."
Uncle Dad: "It's in the shape of a beautiful angel because that's what you are."
Hanna: "I wish I could be happy about this, but I am bitter on life this week."
Uncle Dad: "Hang on, Pastor Ted is calling me."
Hanna: "Probably because they found out you switched the bells when you were repairing that tower, and made a tidy eight grand from it."
Uncle Dad: "Or maybe to congratulate me on my rehabilitation into society!"


Veronica: "Hey, put on this blazer like a baby lawyer. That'll make you act normal."
Spencer: "Not even my bizarre prairie outfits could do that. For you see, I am actual crazy."
Veronica: "Spencer, if I really were Mariska Hargitay, I could just tell you how everyone in my family got raped like a million times and you'd cheer right up. But instead, here is a horrible story about how I knew your friend was being abused and yet I said nothing and now she is dead."


Veronica: "Alison! What are you doing creeping into my kitchen in the middle of the night?"
Alison: "Is that a full bottle of vodka in your hand, in the dark?"
Veronica: "Don't be dumb, I'm not Ashley Marin. Why is your face all bloody?"
Alison: "Can I please just have a hug? I don't want to talk about my nightmarish existence right now."
Veronica: "Just don't bleed all over my insane Myra Breckinridge dressing gown I sometimes wear in the middle of the night."

It is the most-needed hug in the history of embraces. Sasha P is a gifted actress.

Alison: "...That was a good hug! I'm going to go back to being a feral monster now. That vulnerable child routine you barely saw was merely for pretend."
Veronica: "Cool, later."


Veronica: "...So then she died."
Spencer: "You didn't tell the cops this?"
Veronica: "Yeah, but I downplayed it pretty much like I'm doing now. I just figured it was her brother that was beating her up in the middle of the night during a sleepover, and like, whatever. Not my problem."

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